Comfort and Joy

I will turn their mourning into gladness; I will
give them comfort and joy instead of sorrow.
Jeremiah 31:13

Monday, August 27, 2012

Last few weeks...

Life around here has been C.R.A.Z.Y with a serious capital C!  Between moving, stuff not making it for 15 days, starting school, starting a medical practice, being in charge of a has not slowed down long enough to even sit down for very long much less blog.  Now that the race is over I feel like I can breathe a little.  So a little recap of the last few weeks:

Sweet friends took the boys a couple times so we could get a few things done. So thankful for good friends who take our children swimming so we can buy mattresses @jenniebrooks23
I spent some time visiting with my precious first born...its good to be near his grave site again. It's good to be back in Memphis near this precious boy. Missed visiting with him.
We did a little celebrating before the first day of school. Eating a cupcake to celebrate 1st day of school tomorrow.
We started Pre-K.
First day of Pre-K
Untitled Untitled
We started Parents Day Out and slept in a big boy bed for the first time. Big day for Milker yesterday. 1st day of PDO and 1st time sleeping in a big boy bed.
Our stuff finally arrived after 15 days. Definitely a sight for sore eyes...15 days without your things is t.o.u.g.h!
I went on a date with my love to celebrate his first day of work. My hot date #ilovefreebabysitting
I obviously didn't get enough sleep before the race but there was so much to do that sleep had to come last.
Probably should have gone to bed earlier!  Forrest Spence 5k in T minus 8.5 hours.
The race was a success even though it rained (I will blog more about the 5k when I get the pictures back from my photographer). Start line of the Forrest Spence 5k
So thankful to have this man by my side through all of life. Love this man!
So great to see some of my favorite NICU families at the race with their precious children (that is water from the rain not sweat on my shirt).Loved seeing my precious NICU families at the race! @chuviolin @bethanychu
2 of our very favorite families stayed with us over the race weekend. So thankful the McGuigans and Robinsons they made the trip! Truly a wonderful weekend!  Loved having 2 of our closest friends and their families stay with us this weekend. @kaceemcguigan
My naked chef helped me cook dinner.
My naked chef
There is a lot more to blog about but I'm tired and have tons more to catch up on.  Be back soon!


Anonymous said...

holy cow I was exhausted just reading that last post!!!! Girl, I can't keep up with our blog and I don't have a tenth of what you have going on. For real! You're awesome.

Laura Sessions said...

Whew! What a whirlwind. I am so glad y'all are back!