Comfort and Joy

I will turn their mourning into gladness; I will
give them comfort and joy instead of sorrow.
Jeremiah 31:13

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Maggie's Sip n See

This past Saturday we celebrated Maggie at a Sip n See with my friends and family.  It was such a special time to hold my baby girl and celebrate her life with people I love so dearly.  The hostesses did such a great job with the decorations and food.  Everything was beautiful and delicious.
A blessing tree for the guests to write a blessing for Maggie.IMG_8356 IMG_8357 IMG_8358
The favors...a tea bag with a honey stick in them.  The tag says enjoy a cup of tea from Maggie and me.  So cute!
IMG_8362 IMG_8363
My wonderful mothers, Diane and my mom.  IMG_8360
The wonderful hostesses, Melody, Jennie, Halley, and Bobbie. Mari Elliot was a hostess too but out of town.
It was truly such a special day.  Thank you sweet friends for celebrating my baby girl!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Playing outside

I don't know about you but when the sun is shining and my boys can play outside, life seems sweeter.  They need to run, jump, and play outside almost daily so I am thankful for the sunshine we have had in the last couple weeks.  We have taken full advantage of each sunny day.
IMG_8312 IMG_8314 IMG_8316 IMG_8318 IMG_8320 IMG_8323 IMG_8325
The boys do this all the time...wrestle! Untitled
We spent some time climbing trees on this sunny day. Untitled Untitled
We are ready for Spring at the Spence household.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Five for Friday-Thankfulness

Five for Friday - Thankfulness

Today I am doing a Thankful Five for Friday.  I think its important I focus on the many ways God has blessed me and to remember to thank Him for my many gifts.

1.  My Savior

2.  My better half.

3.  My littlest loves.
Austin to Miller: "Let's play with Maggie." #soakingitin #sothankful

4.  My love waiting on me in Heaven.

5. 8.5 years with our faithful companion IMG_2076

Sometimes I can get so wrapped up in the things I want and or need that I forget to be thankful.  I am blessed...truly blessed!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

55 days

Today marks the 55th day of Maggie's life.  55 days is how long Forrest was with us so that number means so much to me.  I am thankful today for all of my children.  I am thankful that God entrusted to me 4 beautiful children.  I don't know why one child was only given to me for 55 days but I am thankful for those 55 days.  Those 55 days changed my life.
Today I am especially thankful for Maggie's life and her 55 days with us.  I have cherished every moment with this precious girl.  She is a true joy and I am looking forward to spending many more days with her.
Spending a little time with mommy before bed. #cantgetenoughofher
I do trust in the Lord and know that her days are already laid out for her and if he decides to take her sooner than I want I will continue to trust Him.
Thank you Lord for the gift of all 4 of my children.  I am blessed to be their mommy.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Look alike?




What do you think?

Sunday, February 17, 2013


This past Friday was a terrible day for our family.  Our beloved dog Sadie was hit by a car in front of our house.  We had left that morning for a fun activity in Germantown and had left Sadie outside because we had workers coming to our house.  I purposely put my phone in my diaper bag so I would totally focus on the kids and didn't check in for majority of the morning.  When I finally grabbed it to take a picture I saw 6 missed calls and 2 voice mails.  David had called 4 times and my heart just dropped.  When I called him back he was on the way to the Vet with Sadie.  Our interior decorator had come back from getting something at the store and saw a bunch of people crowded around something in front of our house and it was Sadie.  Our neighbor saw it happen and said she was hit very hard.  David took her to our Vet and they worked on her for about 2 hours.  They then called and said she was still fighting and we needed to take her to an ICU Emergency Vet Hospital.  I drove to the Vet to pick her up and transport her there.  It was a terrible 20 minute drive.  I could hear her struggling in the back of my car and honestly didn't know if I would make it to the hospital before she passed away.  We did make it and they quickly assessed her and let me know what all was wrong.  There was a lot of internal bleeding and damage especially to her lungs.  She also had a fractured pelvis.  She wouldn't recover from her injuries so we had to say goodbye.  We miss her terribly and are completely heartbroken.  We still have no idea how she got out of the gate.  Everything looks just right so it doesn't make sense how she escaped.

This is the moment before we said goodbye.  We said goodbye to the best dog tonight. 8.5 years as our companion. She was truly my saving grace after we lost Forrest. I'm just so sad.
Below are some pictures of our sweet girl.  We had her for 8.5 years.  She was David's 1 year anniversary present to me.  I had been broken into my senior year of college so I was afraid to stay alone in our home so he thought she would help.  Man did she help...she was a guard dog through and through.  I felt so safe with her around.
She was always so sweet and protective of our children.  She was amazing with them.  Gentle and loving and let them do whatever they wanted to her without even flinching.  She especially had a special bond with Austin.  All the baby pictures are with Austin.hey Sadie!!! Austin and Sadie IMG_0238
I have always said she was one of my saving grace's after Forrest died.  She would stay by my side with her head on the couch or bed as I weeped and mourned.  She never left my side when I needed her the most.
IMG_0239 that big dog is always around hanging out IMG_0735
She had the biggest tongue.  We always laughed at how big her tongue was.IMG_0920 IMG_0926 IMG_0932 IMG_0935 IMG_0949 IMG_3599 IMG_1093 IMG_2074 IMG_2554 IMG_5841 IMG_5848 IMG_5853 IMG_5854 Untitled They just came down the stairs dressed as a monkey and a duck. #neveradullmoment
Sadie Highlander truly were the best dog.  You were hyper, terrible on a leash, ate most everything in the backyard but you were the best.  You loved us so well and showed us that everyday. You will be missed terribly!