Comfort and Joy

I will turn their mourning into gladness; I will
give them comfort and joy instead of sorrow.
Jeremiah 31:13

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Around here...

Some days I think I'm getting into a groove and have this whole 3 kid thing down and then we have a day that rocks my world.  I am learning to have very low expectations for getting things done and instead just try to enjoy this time with my kids while they are little and exhausting. =) Some days its easier said than done.  So now a post to catch up on life a little...

Last week my mom and I headed to the Children's Museum with the kids.  We had never been to the one in Memphis but decided to join since we LOVED Boston's museum so much.  Everyone had a lot of fun and I was pleasantly surprised with the museum.  It is a very good museum.  The boys loved the FedEx Plane area and could have stayed there forever.

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We also spent some time with the trucks/cars area.  The boys enjoyed riding on all the different automobiles.
We also did a little fishing in the river.
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I think I spend half my day kissing on this little ones cheeks.  They are truly the best and I can't get enough of them.
I spend majority of my afternoons looking at this view.  Maggie in the Ergo carrier.  This is my view looking down at her.  She loves being held close in the afternoons/evenings.  My view most afternoons. #praisethelordfortheergo
My most exhausting part of the day is giving these 2 wild men a bath.  Thankfully David does majority of the baths but the few I do wear me out!  They are insane in there.  Definitely the wildest part of my day. #bathtimeexhaustsme
The boys love curling up in their daddy's lap and reading books. It makes my heart smile to see this every night.
Austin and I had a special mommy/son date on Wednesday.  I could tell that he needed some quality one on one time with me and we both LOVED it!  It was very much needed for both of us.  He picked the Mac n Cheese place (Panera) for lunch and then to get a cupcake at Muddy's.  He was so sweet throughout the entire date.  He held my hand in the car and wherever we walked and was very polite.  He also made sure we bought cupcakes for Miller, his Yaya who was babysitting the other 2 and his teachers at school.  He also loved that I picked the same kind of cupcake as him.  Since we got home at 1:00 yesterday he has asked at least 25 times if we can do it again.  I really need to make sure I do this often with my big guy.
Fun mommy/son lunch and cupcake date with Austin. My biggest needed some quality time and so did his mommy. Untitled
After my date with Austin I came home to spend some quality time with my sweet girl.  I need to do a date with Miller next.
Now some quality one on one time with my girl.
Just a little recap of the Spence clan.

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