Comfort and Joy

I will turn their mourning into gladness; I will
give them comfort and joy instead of sorrow.
Jeremiah 31:13

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Fun day at the zoo

We had a fun day at the zoo with Gigi.  It was a gorgeous day and we decided to take advantage by spending time with the animals.
Fun morning at the zoo. #yesmillerispickinghisnose
It seemed like the animals were enjoying the beautiful spring day as well.
IMG_8564 IMG_8565 IMG_8567
Maggie enjoyed riding like a big girl in the stroller.  She only lasted a little while before she wanted to be held in the Ergo.
The dress and bonnet were mine when I was a baby.
IMG_8571 IMG_8572 IMG_8572_2
We went to the new Sting Ray exhibit.  It was a neat experience but the boys had the chance to see and touch sting rays at the aquarium in Boston so they weren't overly thrilled.
Gigi got a big kick out of it though.IMG_8576 IMG_8577
Sweet girl just watched!
IMG_8581  IMG_8585
We are looking forward to more spring days at the zoo before it gets too hot to enjoy it.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

4 months

Sweet Maggie turned 4 months on April 27th but because of the craziness of the hospital stay and her continuing to be sick, I didn't take the pictures until a couple days later.  She made it out of the hospital once again right before her month birthday.  She weighs 14.1 lbs and is 25 inches long.  She is still the happiest, most laid back baby I have ever been around.  She is so content and a perfect 3rd child.  She is very social and her very favorite thing is people, especially her family.  Her entire face lights up when someone she loves looks at her.  It will make your whole body smile.  I am so thankful for her and the gift she is to our lives.  She has had a rough 2 months but she continues to amaze me with her strength.

Things she loves:
-her brothers
-her daddy and mommy
-smiles from others
-bath time
-being on the diaper changing table
-her play mat
-her bouncer
-her swing
-her nap nanny
-her paci
-her lovie
-her naps (she loves them again, halleluah)
-her hands
-her feet
-being rocked
-being held

Things she doesn't love:
-car seat
-tummy time
-being overtired
-getting her nose suctioned out
-taking medicine

IMG_8661 IMG_8659 IMG_8654 IMG_8649
I had a little helper...he was so concerned that she was eating the 4.
Tummy time is so much more fun when you have 2 brothers to entertain you.
IMG_8662IMG_8666 IMG_8664  IMG_8646 IMG_8632 Untitled
We love you sweet Maggie and our so thankful you are in our lives.

Home sweet home

Maggie was discharged yesterday around 3:15 pm.  She was off oxygen for 24 hours and doing well so  it was time to go home.  She is still junky sounding and has a pretty bad cough but overall she is doing so much better.  We are all thankful for be home and sleeping in our own beds.  Thank you again for the prayers.  We really appreciate them.

My view again in the hospital.  Maggie was happy to be reunited with her favorite monkey
My view...again...she had to be put on oxygen in the night because she couldn't keep her O2 sats up. Please keep praying. This stinks. I don't see the positive right now. It just stinks.
We had lots of quality time and cuddle time.
Trying to find the positive in this...sweet smiles, precious cuddles, and my beautiful miracle. Doing a little better this afternoon. Still needs oxygen but hoping to wean her soon. For sure here another night.
Still as sweet as can be.  All the staff commented on her demeanor.  She was so happy and so sweet the entire time we were there.  She rarely cried and would smile at every person who came to see her.  I am truly so thankful for that.  It was already a hard situation and would have only been more difficult if she had been fussy the entire time.
What's up world?  I had a good night. Still on a little bit of oxygen but I'm doing well. I'm ready to bust out of here.
I took this picture after we removed her oxygen cannula.  I loved seeing my precious girls face tube free.
No oxygen since 11:00. 24 hours no oxygen and I'm busting out of here. Please pray my O2 sats stay in the 90's.
Thankful to be home and sleeping in our own beds.  We are going to hole up for the weekend and try to make up some important lost sleep.
Look who's sleeping in her own bed?  So thankful to be home!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Five for Friday

Just realized this posted. It was scheduled for today before we were admitted to the hospital. We are still at the hospital but hope to be discharged today. She's been off oxygen for 20 hours and needs to be off for 24 while keeping her O2 in the 90's. She's done pretty well so hopefully we can go home around lunch. Prayers appreciated.

1.  This middle child keeps me on my toes.  We couldn't find Miller anywhere last Saturday. We were yelling for him in the house and running outside frantically looking. This is where we found him. He said he just needed to be "awone".  I think I might try this technique....there are some definite days I would like to be alone. 
We couldn't find Miller anywhere. We were yelling for him in the house and running outside frantically looking. This is where we found him. He said he just needed to be "awone". #imighttrythistechnique #isometimeswanttobeawone
 2. Sweet brothers wanted Maggie to sit with them while they watched a show.
Sweet brothers wanted Maggie to sit with them while they watched a show.
3.  Thursdays are Throwback Thursdays on Instagram and I posted this little gem the other day.  1984 or 1985 with the brothers.  If my mom still had that purple bubble I would definitely have Maggie wear it.  Love that things I wore in the early 80's are still in style and cute today.  I guess little girl bubbles don't ever go out of style.
1984 or 1985, the brothers and I. #tbt @xophmiller @cdfmatt
4.  Dingdad's airport had a Hanger Party on Saturday so we headed up there to visit and do a little flying.  Loved flying in the Howard with the boys.  They were so fun to watch.  Their excitement was contagious!
Just another day as a jet setter with my boys. #benefitsofhavingapilotinthefamily
One of the couples from the airport crowd got married while flying in an airplane that day. Their reception was at the Hanger Party. I had to take a picture of the cake because it was perfect for a group of pilots.
5.  I took the boys out for a mommy/sons date to Panera last Friday and Miller started to push back while sitting in his chair and next thing I know, he's on the ground with the chair broken.  Yes, 2 year old broke the chair at Panera.  I didn't even know those things could break but apparently they can and will.
Never a dull moment with that one!
Happy Friday friends!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

We meet again Le Bonheur...

Unfortunately Maggie was readmitted to Le Bonheur yesterday morning because of a respiratory virus. We thought it was RSV but because of her age and the fact that she had it less than a month ago, they didn't even test for it.  They think it's a non-RSV virus causing bronchilitis.  She started to show signs of a cold on Sunday, got a little bit worse on Monday, and then Monday night was a rough night just like last time.  Maggie is starting to make me really dislike Monday nights and Tuesday mornings.  She really started to struggle to breathe around 5:15 am and it was getting more and more difficult to suction out her nose because the drainage was so thick.  I took her in to our pediatrician and he once again said it would be best to have her admitted to the hospital.  She had to be admitted through the ED so we spent lots of quality time there before she was admitted on the Infant Toddler Floor.  She is not as bad as the first time but still not doing great.  She started out without oxygen but had to be put on it at 2:30 am because she was struggling with her sats.  She is also receiving around the clock breathing treatments and deep suctioning.  We are hopeful that we won't be at Le Bonheur as long as last time but we would really appreciate your prayers.
I'm really struggling with all of this.  My daughter being sick again in such a short amount of time.  Since we were discharged last time, March 25th, she has had another cold and pink eye.  It seems like we just can't keep her well.  She is growing (14 lbs) and happy as could be even sick so we know she is overall healthy but it seems her brothers keep bringing things home that they don't even get, they just pass it on to her.  I miss my boys and the hospital can be a lonely place to be especially when you have a lot of memories (good and bad) mixed up with it.  I'm trying to stay positive and hopeful but satan can really start working on you in the middle of the night when everything is still.
So how to pray:
1.  She would rebound quickly and we can go home.
2.  She will continue to not need oxygen.
3.  The boys will stay well
4.  David and I can balance all of this: Maggie, boys, work, the outside world
5.  That we can keep her well once she is home.
Thank you for your love and support.
You've got to be kidding me!?!  Maggie is being admitted to Le Bonheur AGAIN for RSV. This is crazy!!!  Please pray she fights hard and gets out of here quickly. #mommycanthandlethisstress\
Trying to find the positive in this...Maggie is reunited with her favorite monkey.

This is from last week when she had pink eye.  Even with a nasty eye, she was still happy as can be.  I love that little girl!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Playing catch up...

Life with 3 is b.u.s.y!!!  So busy that sitting down to write a blog post doesn't happen like I wish it did. I am going to do a few posts of just catching up so here is the first one.

We had our best friends the Williams over for dinner a couple Saturdays ago.  The girls are at such a fun age because they are really starting to interact and on the move.  It was so fun to get all 5 of our kids together.  I look forward to many more years of spending time together.
IMG_8543 IMG_8544 IMG_8548 IMG_8549 IMG_8550 IMG_8557 IMG_8558 IMG_8559
Sweet girl sat up in her bumbo for the first time and loved it.
My happy, happy girl.  Photo credit @daviddspence
She also sat facing forward in the Bob stroller for the first time. First time sitting up like a big girl in the Bob stroller.
We've spent lots of time outside enjoying the beautiful weather. Sunshine does a body good. Untitled Untitled
Sweet girl has been wearing some of the dresses I wore as a baby.  Love seeing my daughter in my precious dresses.  My mom loved seeing it too.
IMG_8588 IMG_8593 IMG_8595
Feel better already that I got 1 post down...still got a few more to go to be caught up!