Comfort and Joy

I will turn their mourning into gladness; I will
give them comfort and joy instead of sorrow.
Jeremiah 31:13

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Happy birthday Daddy

Today is a very special day...the birthday of my beloved husband (and his twin sister Anne - Happy Birthday Anne!  We love you too.)!IMG_1091
I am so thankful for this man and his life.
Enjoying a date with my husband at the Celtic/Grizzlies game
His mom and dad did a wonderful job raising him to be a man of God.  They taught him to be loving, caring, honest, and hardworking.
I am so thankful that almost 14 years ago he picked me to be his girlfriend. Love this man
I felt like the luckiest girl in the world and I still feel that way.  He is truly the greatest person I know and the best dad.
The boys think he hung the moon and I agree with them. IMG_1093
He is truly our hero.
Happy birthday David.  We love you and are so proud of you.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memphis recap - from Instagram

A quick recap of Memphis from my Instagram pictures.

We flew to Memphis on Friday, May 11.  David flew home with us so overall it was a good trip.  Playing man on man is a lot better than defense. Heading back to Boston
There were lots of pancakes made at Yaya and Dingdad's house...Making Pancakes for Mother's Day with Yaya and Dingdad
a perfect baby shower for one of my best friends...Happy babies!
a wonderful Mother's Day spent with my favorite boys...2 of 3 of my precious boys! Pure love and joy
Lots of visiting with my precious son...I miss my son I love sitting by his spot looking at the big tree I know he would have loved climbing. Beautiful flowers for my beautiful boy
lots of cuddle time and book reading with the grandparents...Helping Dingdad on the computer Gigi and the boys Story time with Gigi Bedtime stories
lots of adventures with the grandparents... Untitled Miller walking with his Yaya
playing hide and seek with Yaya...Playing hide and seek-this is their hiding spot
seeing my girls graduate high school...My beautiful high school girls graduating So proud of my girls...all grown up
driving around Memphis with Austin's beloved "Mimi" hanging out... Untitled Untitled
playing with good friends...Sweet friends!
visiting the zoo...
Visiting the pandas
and buying a home...
It was a great trip and we are so thankful for the many blessings we have in our lives.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Wonderful Memorial Day Weekend

I know I have a lot of blogging to do from Memphis but I thought I would recap our Memorial Day Weekend first.

We started our weekend with a quick scooter ride to the grocery store.  We looked like quite the bunch with 2 kids with helmets on sitting in the buggie plus 2 scooters on the bottom of the buggie.  The cashier gave them stickers and they proceeded to put all 6 on their shirts before we left. Grocery shopping fun...we rode our scooters there so that's why they have their helmets on
After dinner on Friday night we took another scooter ride to a little place down the street that serves Gelato.  (I am well aware that my kids eat a lot of ice cream but its something everyone enjoys so oh well).
After dinner gelato and scooter ride My precious boys!
We woke up Saturday morning and headed to Crane Beach in Ipswich, MA. Heading to the beach!
It's only about an hour away and a great beach. It was super crowded because of the weather (88 degrees) and the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend but we still had a great time. The boys love playing in the sand and wading in the water.
Perfect beach day! My littlest beach bum One cool dude
After the beach we stopped at Russell Orchard which had great ice cream, wine, apple cider donuts, and tons of farm animals. The boys loved this as much as the beach. Ice cream at Russell Orchard after a fun day at the beach Petting the goat
Sunday we went to church, took long naps, and then took an afternoon bike ride to the Charles River. The weather was perfect so it was such a nice bike ride. David pulled the boys so I really felt like I was getting a little quiet time without 2 little ones behind me talking nonstop. Enjoying an after dinner bike ride I'm really going to miss this.
Monday we put the boys down for an early nap because we took them to a Red Sox Game that afternoon. This was Miller's and my first Red Sox game. We had a blast!  Again, perfect weather and the boys were so good.  They both loved watching the game and enjoying lots of game snacks (another ice cream =)
Miller's 1st Red Sox game Ice cream at a baseball game...not much better than this A perfect end to a great Memorial weekend
It truly was a great weekend! A great kickoff to hopefully a wonderful summer in Boston.

 *All these photos were taken with my phone so there will be posts soon with pictures taken from our camera.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Five for Friday

1.  I didn't really watch American Idol this year but I saw this song pop up on my newsfeed and took a listen...oh my goodness.  It is so good.  I have been thinking a lot about home lately.  Home being Boston, home being Memphis, home ultimately being Heaven.  Makes you think.  Where is your home?

2.  I helped host a baby shower for my best friend.  Halley is due with twin girls (original due date was my birthday-pretty awesome) but probably will have the girls beginning of July.  I am going to be the best aunt in the world!  Can't wait to meet these 2 precious girls!

3.  My precious high school girls graduated from high school.  I have been with them since 6th grade so it was definitely monumental in their lives but my life too.  These sweet girls have seen me at my highest and also my lowest.  They remember so clearly the 55 days we had with Forrest and his life made an impact on each of them as it did mine.  I am so proud of them and truly honored to be a part of their lives.
So proud of my girls...all grown up

4.  Super pumped to have 3 days with my husband and boys.  We are heading to a Red Sox game tonight.  Should be a fun weekend.
Red Sox

5.  While in Memphis I spent some time at Forrest's grave site.  Always bittersweet to go but it allows me to reflect on his life and legacy.  I am truly in awe that God would pick me to be his mommy.  What a joy!
Beautiful flowers for my beautiful boy

Thursday, May 24, 2012


So sorry to have been so MIA these past few weeks.  The family took a trip to Memphis to try and find a house (along with a ton of other shower, graduations, Mother's Day, play dates...more on all that later though).  We did find a house!!!!  We are super excited about it and completely see God's hand in having the perfect house at the perfect time for us.  So far everything has gone smoothly so for that we are so thankful.

There will be lots of posts coming up about our 11 days in Memphis but I had to post about something I received in the mail when we returned.  Our good friends the Harrison's had a quilt made after they lost Evie of some of their favorite things of hers.  It included clothes, blankets, lovies, etc.  I fell in love with it when I first saw it and knew I had to do something similar with Forrest's stuff.  All of his blankets, clothes, and lovies were stored in a tupperware that I couldn't bear to let the other boys use but couldn't get rid of.  I sorted through it and sent it to the friend that made Evie's quilt.  It took a while because she is so busy making children's clothes and monogramming but the wait was worth it.  It came on Wednesday and it is perfect.  She did such a wonderful job capturing our memories with our sweet boy.
Quilt made of special blankets, shirts, & lovies of Forrest-such a treasure!
I love how she incorporated his name and dates.
Special squares from the quilt - tears of joy and sadness wrapped up in one
This was his Halloween outfit.  He was my lil punkin.  His Halloween outfit-my lil' punkin
One of our favorite nurses, Jay, made him two shirts.  One said "God has big plans for me!" and one said "Jesus loves you...but he loves me more!".  Nancy was afraid to put those in the quilt because they were made by Jay with just a sharpie and probably would wash away in the wash so she stitched those sayings instead.  I love it.
That He does!!!  So proud of my precious son and his life. Untitled
I keep looking at it and remembering the 55 beautiful days I had with my son.

The picture below shows the white blanket and little tag lovie.
This picture shows the polka dot blanket.
The striped blanket and blue blanket with a train in the corner.
Another of the polka dot blanket. PA150008
The train blanket.
The forest blanket.
Oh how I miss him and long to be with him again but I am truly so proud of his life and legacy.  What a treasure this quilt will be in the life of my family!