Comfort and Joy

I will turn their mourning into gladness; I will
give them comfort and joy instead of sorrow.
Jeremiah 31:13

Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween play date and our weekend

On Friday we had some friends over for a Halloween play date.  Austin loves having people over and has become very social with his little friends up here.  He asks every morning what we have planned for the day and who we are seeing.  =)  He was very excited for his friends to come over in their costumes.
IMG_4650 IMG_4648
I love Pinterest! All the recipes for the treats came from Pinterest.  Halloween Cat CookiesIMG_4652
Halloween Pumpkin Rice Krispie TreatsIMG_4653
The pumpkin chocolate chip muffins came from my friend Lindley. They were delicious. IMG_4654
We did a couple crafts together.  Simple crafts that 2 & 3 year olds could do like scratch the Halloween ornament and make a sucker ghost. IMG_4655 IMG_4656 IMG_4668 IMG_4670
And just enjoyed being together with our Boston friends. IMG_4660 IMG_4663 IMG_4677 IMG_4674 IMG_4694 IMG_4719 IMG_4716 IMG_4711 IMG_4695
After the party my little Curious George was totally tuckered out. IMG_4722
On Saturday we headed to the Children's Museum. This was David's first time to go so the kids were thrilled to show them some of their favorite things. Listening to Llama Llama while daddy reads to Miller.
 Reading books
Playing with the tools.
Building Showing daddy
Working hard
Driving the bus with daddy. Driving the car
On Sunday we woke up to this....I mean, are you kidding?!? It's only October 30! I don't think we are ready for this winter.
 First Boston snow
When we came home from church we had no power so it caused all of us to snuggle up in our beds for long naps. =) After naps we carved our pumpkin (in the dark). IMG_4724 IMG_4729
These little guys spent the night drying out so they can be baked to enjoy later. IMG_4730
Because of no power, we enjoyed a tasty burger at Tasty Burger! Tasty Burger
We are looking forward to a fun filled Halloween with our little monkey and duck!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Five for Friday

I am doing a quick post: Five For Friday 

1. It's almost the weekend which means Daddy is home!
2.  I can't wait for Halloween.  My boys are the most precious Duck and Monkey around.
IMG_4685 IMG_4704
3.  I love having friends over and we had a fun Halloween play date at our house this morning.
4.  I have had some great conversations with my bestie who I miss terribly!
5.  It looks like the stomach bug missed Miller.  This is a miracle! IMG_4525
Hope you are having a fabulous Friday!  Enjoy the weekend.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Life around here...

Some instagram pics of our life lately...

Miller giving me a kiss when I wasn't feeling so well. Giving mommy a wake up kiss
David taking the boys on a bike ride on Sunday so I could rest and try to feel better. Bike ride with daddy
The boys built a huge fort. It took up our entire den. This entertained them for a while. Fort in the living room
The boys enjoying playing in the hamper together. Playing in the hamper
City living grocery shopping. There is a lot of food stuffed down in the bottom of the stroller as well. City living grocery shopping
Getting ready to start swim lessons. Swimming 1

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Not our best weekend...

Austin and I came down with the stomach bug this weekend.  Thankfully it was short lived (12 hours for him and about 24 for me) but I then came down with some upper respiratory junk.  We had plans of having friends over Saturday night before they welcome their princess into the world and attending a Halloween party but unfortunately we couldn't do either.  Before the stomach bug hit we did meet up with some friends at our neighborhood park on Friday morning.
Fun at the playground
On Friday afternoon Austin attended a Super Soccer Stars Demo.  He loved it.  He has asked to play soccer everyday since.
Soccer Soccer
A soccer A soccer 3
Sweet Miller really wanted to be in on the action. I was very busy chasing him off the field.  M soccer 2
Wants to be just like brother
Funny conversation happened at the Soccer Stars Demo.  One of the moms I met just recently asked if my kids always wear shirts with their names on it.  She said the 2 times she has seen us they have had shirts with their name on it.  I tried to tell her that they are very popular in the South but I don't think she understood.  I think she thinks I can't remember my kids names.  It does help with that as well. =)
M soccer
We did make the Open House at the Children's Hospital though.  David was excited to show us where he worked.  They do this every 3 years.  It really was neat.  They had activities like making your own doctor bag.
Giving the kids a scrub hat and mask to wear.
They gave away tons of stuffed animals.
This little elephant even received a cast for his broken leg. IMG_4612
They had many of the OR's open for the families to see. IMG_4611
Daddy and Austin's favorite was the Orthopaedic OR. IMG_4622
Austin used a drill to drill a hole in a bone just like his daddy. IMG_4624 IMG_4628
Miller lost interest and instead became fascinated with the skeleton. IMG_4618 IMG_4614
He also tried to drink the biodine.  Never a dull moment with this little guy. IMG_4619
We really had a great time seeing where daddy works.