Comfort and Joy

I will turn their mourning into gladness; I will
give them comfort and joy instead of sorrow.
Jeremiah 31:13

Friday, October 14, 2011

Day trip to Salem, MA

On Sunday we planned on taking a day trip to see Walden Pond but realized after driving for 45 minutes that there were 2 Walden Ponds in Massuchesetts and we were at the wrong one. =(  We were 40 minutes away from the one we wanted to see so we decided to drive to Salem instead because it was only 10 minutes away.  I didn't think there would be anything for the boys to enjoy but they had a good time just walking around and taking in all the sites (and dressed up people).  Salem is a little strange.  It is obviously known for the witch trials in 1692-1693 so some of the locals take this very seriously and during the month of October, dress up in their finest Halloween gear.  The town itself was a cute sea town and had some precious little houses and shops.

Austin wanted to help us find our way so he was in charge of the map =).Map reading in Salem
He led us to a gravesite where many of the so called "witches" were buried.
Salem gravesite IMG_1108
My brother Christoph having some fun.   Uncle Toph in Salem
We stopped at a local restaurant for brunch and Austin enjoyed a Mickey Mouse pancake. (By this time Miller and David had drove home so Miller could take a nap).
He then made a wand in the seaport square.
 IMG_1148 Making a wand in Salem
We then took the ferry from Salem back to Boston.  We loved this part of the trip.  Austin was great and loved riding on the Ferry.  It was a win win situation.  You could get popcorn, adult drinks, and sit back and enjoy the ride.
IMG_1144 IMG_1143 IMG_1154 IMG_1146 IMG_1152 View from ferry Ferry to Boston 2
On Monday we took Gigi and Uncle Toph to see our favorite ducks. IMG_4444 IMG_4453 Gigi bought Miller his own big Monkey at Build a Bear. Miller loves his brothers stuffed animals so we thought it was time for him to have his own. IMG_4450 Gigi bought Miller his own monkey On Tuesday Uncle Toph and Gigi came to watch Austin at swim lessons. He did a great job and loved the extra attention/praise he received. Watching A at swim lessons After swim lessons we unfortunately had to take Uncle Toph to South Station to catch his bus back to NYC. We miss him already and can't wait to see him in December. Only 2 months Uncle Toph until the Spences invade NYC. =)

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Elaine Clowers said...

It's great that there are so many fun things for y'all to do up there. It looks like y'all are having a great time on your Boston adventure!