Comfort and Joy

I will turn their mourning into gladness; I will
give them comfort and joy instead of sorrow.
Jeremiah 31:13

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Not our best weekend...

Austin and I came down with the stomach bug this weekend.  Thankfully it was short lived (12 hours for him and about 24 for me) but I then came down with some upper respiratory junk.  We had plans of having friends over Saturday night before they welcome their princess into the world and attending a Halloween party but unfortunately we couldn't do either.  Before the stomach bug hit we did meet up with some friends at our neighborhood park on Friday morning.
Fun at the playground
On Friday afternoon Austin attended a Super Soccer Stars Demo.  He loved it.  He has asked to play soccer everyday since.
Soccer Soccer
A soccer A soccer 3
Sweet Miller really wanted to be in on the action. I was very busy chasing him off the field.  M soccer 2
Wants to be just like brother
Funny conversation happened at the Soccer Stars Demo.  One of the moms I met just recently asked if my kids always wear shirts with their names on it.  She said the 2 times she has seen us they have had shirts with their name on it.  I tried to tell her that they are very popular in the South but I don't think she understood.  I think she thinks I can't remember my kids names.  It does help with that as well. =)
M soccer
We did make the Open House at the Children's Hospital though.  David was excited to show us where he worked.  They do this every 3 years.  It really was neat.  They had activities like making your own doctor bag.
Giving the kids a scrub hat and mask to wear.
They gave away tons of stuffed animals.
This little elephant even received a cast for his broken leg. IMG_4612
They had many of the OR's open for the families to see. IMG_4611
Daddy and Austin's favorite was the Orthopaedic OR. IMG_4622
Austin used a drill to drill a hole in a bone just like his daddy. IMG_4624 IMG_4628
Miller lost interest and instead became fascinated with the skeleton. IMG_4618 IMG_4614
He also tried to drink the biodine.  Never a dull moment with this little guy. IMG_4619
We really had a great time seeing where daddy works.


Emilee Odette Garrett said...

Oh no! Hate that you were sick! It's been going around down here, too. K had it last week and I somehow contained it and kept the rest of us from getting it. The hospital day looks so fun and cool! I can tell the boys really enjoyed it!

Tim and Bridge said...

So sorry you were sick... what a bummer! I love this post! What a fun way for the kids to see where David works. I love Miller with the huge syringe and him about to drink biodine! So funny! Love Austin drilling on the bone! I also love the conversation about the shirts. Again, so funny! Hope the bug stays away!

EBW said...

The comment about the names on shirts - ha! Priceless.

jennie brooks said...

Ugh- not a fun weekend! You weren't kidding when you said you weren't doing great. I got a zpack yesterday and it's done wonders!

Love the comment about the shirts- for us Southern idiots it is helpful!

Such a sweet thing for the hospital to do an open house! Looks like they loved it.

Melody said...

such sweet pictures, I am glad you are feeling better, I know Momma's don't have time to get sick. Love the comment about the shirts, too funny. I wondered if you would get asked things like that while you were up there :)