Comfort and Joy

I will turn their mourning into gladness; I will
give them comfort and joy instead of sorrow.
Jeremiah 31:13

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Weekend with friends

Three of my good friends from Memphis flew up on Thursday evening to spend time in Boston.  We had a wonderful weekend.  I think we walked well over 10 miles.  They got a great overview of Boston and saw so many of the "high points".

Friday morning the boys and I met them in the Boston Public Gardens and walked to our favorite brunch spot, the Paramount.  Once again a delicious meal was had by all.  After brunch we walked down Charles Street in Beacon Hill and stopped in a few precious stores.  Each girl purchased one of our favorite books, Make Way for Ducklings, to take home to their kids.  We also walked across the pediastrian bridge to see the Charles River.
We then made a stop at the Boston Commons playground to get out some energy for the boys.  We showed them our church, grabbed a drink and snack, and then headed home for naps.  While the boys were napping, the girls went on the Freedom Trail Tour and loved it.
After the tour the girls took the T to our stop so they could see our home and neighborhood.  That night we went for dinner at a favorite restaurant in the Back Bay, The Beehive.  Such a fun atmosphere and great food.
Dinner with friends...yes, thank you! Loving having my TN girls here
After dinner we walked back to the Prudential to see a view of the city from the tallest building.  On the way we admired the brownstones that reminded us of the Cosby Show so we decided to take a pic.
Untitled Untitled
We then hit the sack at our hotel.  Saturday morning we met 2 friends from Boston at a delicious restaurant for brunch.  One of Bryn's friends has lived here for over 10 years so she picked the spot.  I am excited to know about a great new spot to eat.  Our friend Kristen who lives in Boston but used to live in Memphis also met us for brunch.  She brought along her beautiful baby boy Jack.  Everyone took turns holding and loving on him.  He is truly precious!
Bryn & baby Jack Untitled
After brunch we finally made it to H&M.  Mari Elliot had been dying to go there so we made sure to take a picture in front of her favorite store. She's finally at home
After a little retail therapy we stopped by to see the ducks and take pictures so their kids could see the ducks from their new book. Of course...the ducks
We then took our time walking/exploring Newbury Street and finally ended up at Fenway Park.  We were hoping the Ballpark store would be open but we unfortunately got there too late.  We did enjoy seeing the stadium up close though.
After seeing Fenway we started the walk back to our hotel and made sure to stop at the Fenway Victory Gardens. City living doesn't allow you to have a garden in your backyard but you can rent a plot from the city and its your own little space for a garden. Some of the gardens are truly amazing. FGS Community Participation Day Goodbye to the willow my fenway garden today Garden plots
After strolling back to our hotel, we freshened up and headed to the North End for some delicious Italian and Mike's Pastry.
Untitled Mike's Pastry at 11:00 at night
Sunday morning we woke up early so they could catch their flight and I could work the nursery at church.  It was truly a wonderful weekend!  I am so thankful that they took the time to come visit.  Such great memories were made.  Thank you girls for visiting...please thank your husbands for watching the kids for you.  Love to all 3 of you!


Emilee Odette Garrett said...

Fantastic recap of one of the most fun weekends of my life! Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your time and your city with us, dear friend. It was an honor to see your big city life. Now...enjoy your last few months and hurry home. Praying for all that your transition will include.

jennie brooks said...

I actually would like to disagree with Emily- please stay up there a bit longer so I can come back in the fall and visit :)
Glad you all had fun. Bring me a canoli and something cute from H&M when you come home next weekend!!!