Comfort and Joy

I will turn their mourning into gladness; I will
give them comfort and joy instead of sorrow.
Jeremiah 31:13

Monday, July 19, 2010

a few firsts

Miller had his first bottle from his daddy the other night.  He did great taking it and then went back to nursing really well afterwards.
I took the boys to church yesterday for the first time. Daddy was working so I thought I could handle it by myself. Miller decided he needed to eat an hour earlier than usual so I fed him in the chapel during the service. He was extremely noisy and then proceeded to wail as we were leaving the building. My nerves were shot by the time I got home. Austin was sweet as could be though. He is really starting to be a great little helper.

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wburn fam said...

Way to go, Mommy!! Great pictures of you all!