Comfort and Joy

I will turn their mourning into gladness; I will
give them comfort and joy instead of sorrow.
Jeremiah 31:13

Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter - Part II

We started the day on Saturday to duck and bunny pancakes.  Its one of Austin's favorite things so we do it most Saturdays but this one was even more special considering it was the weekend of ducks and bunnies =).  We then headed to our second egg hunt at one of David's attendings homes.
This was so special.  They have a 17 year old son (who obviously doesn't egg hunt anymore) but they really wanted to do something for the residents who were on his rotation.  They had a wonderful lunch spread with the most amazing backyard filled with eggs.
Miller wanted to get in on the action.
Miller's new thing is crawling without letting his knees touch. Its pretty funny. He also loves to eat things. This is him eating the grass.
Austin loved having daddy at this Easter Egg Hunt. They played and wrestled in the yard after the hunting was over.
After all the eggs were collected and the daddys grew tired, the next best thing happened. Popping all the balloons. Who knew that popping balloons would be so much fun.
We then headed to our third Easter egg hunt at a family's house from church. This is a yearly tradition and quite the party. This is my first time to go. I was in California last year at a conference for Le Bonheur so David took Austin (chipped a tooth while he was there =) It was a lot of fun and a great thing they do for the community. We only got one picture while we were there. David and I were tired and so were the boys. Austin hunted eggs for about 1 minute and then decided he was hunted out. As soon as the big kids came through the gate to hunt, he ran for me and started crying.
We jetted home to take naps and when the boys woke up, we made resurrection cookies.
After the cookies were sealed in the oven, we packed a picnic and headed to a concert at Levitt Shell. Our church brought Bebo Norman to town to play at an outdoor ampitheater. It was a perfect night to listen to music outside while eating a picnic with your family and friends.
After the concert, we rushed home to get the tired kiddos to bed and let mommy become the Easter Bunny.

to be continued with Part III

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The Hensons said...

hey brittany,
you don't know me, and i never comment (well almost never!) on strangers' blogs. i'm not even sure i remember how i got to forrest's caring bridge site a few years ago, but i remember checking it the first thing every morning to keep up with him and know what to pray for that day. not living in memphis, i've never been to the 5K, but i have shirt for every year...i have on the 2008 one right now! and i was just blog-hopping during nap time today, and i came across your blog. wow! i haven't read back too far, but i'm assuming david is doing some sort of fellowship in boston???? my husband is a radiologist, so i've been through the "crazy schedule" years. and i have 3 boys, so i feel you there, too!! AND...we are members at lawndale presbyterian in tupelo, ms. we aren't nearly as big as independent pres, but we support a lot of the same things that y'all do. so...i kind of felt a connection today reading a few of your posts!! it looks like boston is great so far. just wanted you to know that i'll be praying for a smooth transition these next few months for mama and daddy and those sweet boys!
laura henson