Comfort and Joy

I will turn their mourning into gladness; I will
give them comfort and joy instead of sorrow.
Jeremiah 31:13

Friday, May 13, 2011

Our new home

This past week I traveled to Boston to find our new home. I'm thrilled to say "I found it and I love it!". It is the perfect home for our family. It is a first floor apartment in a multi-family home. Each floor is a separate apartment. It has 2 bedrooms and 2 full baths with a den, dining room, and a big kitchen. The boys are going to share a room and we are going to use the dining room as a playroom because the kitchen can fit a table in it. It also has a full basement that all 3 apartments share. We lucked out and have a washer/dryer in our unit as well.
The large house is actually divided in half and then each floor is a seperate unit so the house actually has 6 apartments in it but we only share a front door and basement with 3 apartments.
The green door is all 3 apartments front door. You ring the doorbell out front to be let in to then go to one of the 3 apartments. Our apartment is on the first floor.
This is the view we see when you walk out our front door. We will spend lots of time across the street. 6 houses down is a larger park with playground. The area we are living in is known for the numerous parks.
That door leads to our basement so thankfully I won't have to cart my double stroller or bike up 10 stairs to our apartment.
This is the view when you walk in the front door. Long and narrow hallway with most rooms located on the left. The 2 bathrooms, 1 closet, and laundry closet are all on the right.
When you walk in the front door, the den is immediately to your left.
The next room on the left will be the master bedroom.
And the third room on the left will be the boys bedroom. Both bedrooms are small but we don't spend much time playing in our rooms so we aren't worried about it.
One bathroom has a bathtub which is a necessity with small children.
The second bathroom is a renovation and very nice.
This definitely helped seal the deal!
The view when you walk in the kitchen. It is a beautiful kitchen that was recently redone. Tons of space and nice appliances. It also has space for a kitchen table in the back by the window.
This is where we will put our kitchen table.
View from kitchen into dining room.
The dining room that we are going to use as a playroom (and guest space when we have visitors...hint, hint...come visit!)

The Lord was so evident in my trip to Boston. I was worried about going by myself and really worried I wouldn't find a place, but just like usual, He provided. This was the first house I saw on Wednesday night right after I landed. I still can't find any of the emails or texts on this house. It was like the Lord wrote the information of the house on my notes section of my computer and I just showed up and it was perfect. The landlord has been wonderful to work with and we met the girls who will live above us and they are great. It is less than a mile from Boston Children's Hospital where David will be working and super close to 2 different T's (subways) so the boys and I can get around very easily. A block away is a Walgreens and numerous shops and 3 blocks away is the grocery store. There are parks everywhere you turn and a great bus system as well as T system. We are so thrilled about our adventure awaiting us in Boston and look forward to it starting soon. We just unfortunately have ALOT of packing to do before we get there! =)


Emilee Odette Garrett said...

This makes me so very happy for you!!!!! It sounds perfect! Your Boston adventure is going to be so wonderful. Can't wait to hear more about your trip!

The Morrisons said...

What a great place. I am so happy for you guys. Have fun on this opportunity. We will be praying for a smooth transition.

EBW said...

I love it!! Looks perfect! said...

Brittany.....this looks great!I love Boston.....this will be such a wonderful adventure for your sweet family. This is such a fun town to visit and explore....Legal Seafood is THE BEST! You are in for a were such a big girl to go and tackle this all by yourself....I am so proud of you!!! Our love to you, Jane Barnes

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ashleywheatley said...

God is so good! I love it! It is perfect!

alicia harrison said...

It looks perfect! What an awesome find! We will miss you guys