Comfort and Joy

I will turn their mourning into gladness; I will
give them comfort and joy instead of sorrow.
Jeremiah 31:13

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Austin's 4th Birthday Party

We celebrated Austin's 4th birthday with his friends this past Saturday.  He chose 8 boys that he wanted to invite to his party.  This was the first year where a few of his friends were not desiginated by their parents being our friends which makes me feel like my little boy is growing up.  He chose a construction theme which was fun and pretty easy to do since we had a lot of the supplies on hand with our trucks and toys.  I went to work by looking on the internet and finding inspiration from tons of different places.

The boys eating table.
Each boy received a construction hat with their initial on it. IMG_7558
A Happy Birthday Banner I made by finding scrap book online for free and downloading it and then printing the letters on it. David hung the banner and I think it looked great. IMG_7557
I created a road down the center of the table by folding a black tablecloth in thirds and then creating the white marks out of white construction paper and adding some construction trucks to it. IMG_7559
My precious boy with his beloved blanket. IMG_7560
I found a shirt on etsy that matched the theme but still looked a little more grown up. IMG_7561
The food table.
"Dirt cups" - chocolate pudding with crushed oreos on top with a gummy worm crawling out.
There were wrecking balls (cheetos), spare tires (chocolate donuts), rocky road (marshmallows with chocolate and heath bar), nuts and bolts (pretzels), construction cones (candy corn),and sandwiches. IMG_7567 IMG_7570 IMG_7571
I had to keep Miller out of the goodies all morning. IMG_7568
We decorated the hearth with a sign David made out of nails. I found this online and tweaked it a little by adding the blue bolts on the end. We added 2 cinder blocks with trucks on them along with caution tape.
I made the cake by following this tutorial.  I tweaked a few things like adding crushed oreos and cocoa pepples as the boulders.
The goody bags consisted of a chocolate sucker I made using a candy mold, a pull back truck toy, truck stickers, a muslin truck bag, and a truck chalk.
I made a wreath for our door out of caution tape.  I love Miller's face peeking out of the window.
Here are the boys ready to eat lunch. IMG_7589 IMG_7591
Lighting the candles on the cake.
Austin being shy.
I am so thankful for precious friends in Austin's life.
IMG_7615 IMG_7618 IMG_7624 IMG_7628 IMG_7630 IMG_7632
Instead of gifts Austin asked for books that he could donate to the children at Le Bonheur Children's Hospital. I was really impressed by his maturity in understanding that other kids needed things more than he did. My mom did give him a couple gifts because she won't be in town to celebrate on his actual birthday. He LOVED his new Cars Lego Duplo set. IMG_7635 IMG_7637
It truly was a wonderful party and so much fun to celebrate my big boy turning 4.  It truly seems like yesterday when he was born.

To see the rest of the pictures from his party, click here.

Pull back trucks, construction cone candles, chocolate truck mold, childs construction hats - Amazon
Truck chalk - Etsy
Striped straws - Etsy
Boys shirts - Etsy
Muslin truck bags - Etsy
Inviations - Etsy
Online Scrapbook store
Idea for Nail #4  and cinder blocks
Paper plates, napkins, orange cones, table cloths, truck stickers, silverware - dollar store or Big Lots


steph said...

This is WAY too cute! I love the theme. Happy birthday to Austin!

jennie brooks said...

Wow- that evil face is Whit's chocolate face- this is why he doesn't get it often :)

Party was so cute and we had so much fun! You did a great job!! No wonder your feet hurt. I feel honored that Whit was one of the boys he chose :) Love their friendship!

Emilee Odette Garrett said...

You are AMAZING!!! What an incredible party! So cute! I love all the cute, cute, cute decorations and food ideas and favors. I hope that you will let me copy every single detail of this in a few years when Peter has a party. Or even better...I'll just hire you to do it for me! :-)

Molly Witherington said...

Wow. wow. wow. Brittany, that is so cute! I may have to hire you as my party planner in the future:)

Laura Sessions said...

Precious birthday party! Happy Happy birthday, Austin!

ashleywheatley said...

holy cow i am sooooooo impressed!! great job my friend! will you plan carters party?! :) love you! this was incredible!!!

KJ said...

Girl you are so gifted!! I'm blown away by your amazing attention to detail. I should expect nothing else though--- you were made to entertain- you do it so well!!! :) I'm inspired!

Suz said...

So impressed by your party! You did an awesome job! Boy I have a lot of stuff to learn :)