Comfort and Joy

I will turn their mourning into gladness; I will
give them comfort and joy instead of sorrow.
Jeremiah 31:13

Friday, September 28, 2012

Five for Friday

Ok, I'm trying to bring back some normalcy to our lives and this post makes me think we are getting close.  Trying to do Five for Friday again.  =)

Five for Friday:
1.  This precious boy turned 4 on Tuesday and we celebrated our little hearts out.  Birthday party with friends on Saturday; mommy, daddy, and Miller reading to his class Tuesday morning and bringing cupcakes to the class; mommy checking Austin out of school early and having a special birthday lunch after school; and then a family party that night.  I think he was worn out after it all but it was so fun to celebrate this little guy and his precious life.

2.  We had a double header soccer game this week.  One last night and one tonight.  I can't say we have really improved on our kicking it towards the goal or really kicking at all but he still loves it so we are sticking with it.  If nothing else, its a fun time to hang out with my friends while our kids play. Untitled

3. Last Sunday night was beautiful here with the most amazing weather so we took a bike ride to a fun place to eat dinner outside and enjoy some ice cream. Definitely one of those nights that you smile about for a long time.
Perfect Sunday bike ride to Cheffie's for dinner and ice cream.

4.  On Monday we drove to Hernando, MS to meet my best friend for time at the pumpkin patch and realized when we got there that it was closed.  We headed back to their house and just played the morning away.  They live on quite a bit of land so the highlight of the morning was riding in the wagon on the back of the lawn mower around the property.  Yes, this 6 month pregnant lady was in the wagon with the kids making sure no one fell out.  It was quite comical.

5.  Yesterday I saw my sweet baby girl on ultrasound.  She is doing great.  Measuring 2.1 lbs and 27 weeks.  55%.  She is unfortunately breech right now so she is literally sitting/standing on my bladder.  My OB said she is pretty low because of being baby #4 so she is having a grand time kicking my bladder and putting pressure on my pelvis.  I will be monitored every 2 weeks between my Urologist and OB because a couple weeks ago I passed a kidney stone...yes, a kidney stone.  Definitely one of the worst pains I have ever experienced.  Both doctors feel like more than likely I will pass a few more during this pregnancy...awesome...I feel like a walking time bomb!  The things we do for our children. =)
Saw my sweet baby girl this morning!  She is doing great. Measuring 2.1 lbs and 27 weeks!

Happy Friday homies!  Enjoy the weekend!


Laura Sessions said...

Love the picture of your baby girl!

EBW said...

Sweet baby girl..and hilarious to me that Rob is holding T's head straight in that group pic!!

jennie brooks said...

Yay! 5 for Friday is BACK!!! My Fridays haven't been the same without it for quite some time :)

ashleywheatley said...

love 5 for friday!! and a kidney stone- what?!! bless your heart friend! we need to catch up

Tim and Bridge said...

Love 5 for Friday, too! Can't believe a kidney stone.... I cannot imagine one pregnant. I am praying you do NOT have another!!!!!!!!!! Wow, you are a rock star!

KJ said...

What a sweet 5 for Friday! Still can't believe you passed a kidney stone- you are such a trooper- I can not imagine.

JenniferA said...

I was talking to Audra today and she mentioned you had a blog, so I thought I'd check it out. I miss your boys in the Wednesday nursery, they were such a joy and so funny! Congratulations on the news about the baby girl. Austin was right! I'll definitely be following your blog and am looking forward to hearing about your family's adventures!!!

Hi to Austin and Miller from Miss Jen :)