Comfort and Joy

I will turn their mourning into gladness; I will
give them comfort and joy instead of sorrow.
Jeremiah 31:13

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

what a week (part 3)

Mostly words post...not many pictures!

On Thursday we were planning on taking the morning to relax and get some things done but Austin had other plans.  Dingdad and I were working in my car cleaning it out, switching Miller's carseat around, and making sure the cartop carrier for Boston was going to work.  Austin came out in his pj's wanting to play in the car while we worked.  I walked inside for a little bit and then heard loud crying coming from outside.  Ron (Dingdad) walks in the door carrying Austin with a lot of blood coming out of his foot.  Somehow (we still aren't sure exactly) Austin jumped from the back of the Pilot to the middle seat and landed on something that sliced his toe open.  We put it under water but it wouldn't stop bleeding.  We looked at it and realized it was deep so I called David.  David told us to come to Le Bonheur to see if it needed stiches or dermabond.  My mom and I jumped in the car with Austin and drove to LB.  I was still sweaty and nasty from my run that morning and Austin was still in his pj's.  David met us at the entrance of the ED and took us into a room.  He quickly decided that it needed something and decided to do dermabond.  Oh my goodness...I thought Austin was going to fly off the table.  That boy was screaming like someone had chopped off his foot.  It was rough going getting him to keep still while David glued and wrapped it up.  He didn't want a toy, popsicle, ice cream or anything else I bribed him with.  He wanted it to be over.  He told us about a 100 times that he wanted to go.  It was tough seeing him so scared and upset but after it was over, he perked right up to being fine.  Mom and I left LB and drove him to get ice cream.  He was so sweet the rest of the day.  We asked him to not walk on it so he would either let someone carry him or he would walk on his knees.  He's doing much better now and hope that the dermabond did its job.  I know that we will probably have many visits like that with how active our boys are so I am extremely thankful for a husband who is cool under pressure and knows what to do.

My normal day to volunteer at Le Bonheur is Thursdays so I spent the morning and afternoon there.  The Le Bonheur staff was so sweet and threw me a surprise going away party that afternoon.  They told me I had an important meeting and I believed them.  It was such a sweet surprise and I really enjoyed hugging everyone's neck one more time before we leave.

On Friday we celebrated our anniversary.  David set everything up and told me to be ready at 5:00.  I knew we were staying at a hotel but I didn't know which one and what else we were doing.  He made reservations at the Madison downtown and dinner at McEwan's. The next morning we had breakfast at Grill 83.  It was a perfect way to end a wonderful and exhausting week.  Just spending quality one on one time with the man I love.
IMG_0774 (The sun was hitting the doormat)

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