Comfort and Joy

I will turn their mourning into gladness; I will
give them comfort and joy instead of sorrow.
Jeremiah 31:13

Saturday, June 25, 2011

what a week...(part 1)

This was a wonderful & exhausting week all in one.  David graduated from Residency on Monday night so the weekend before we had lots of celebrating to do with the other residents.  On Saturday the wives were treated to a Spa Day and the husbands went golfing.  On Saturday night we attended the Roast where the 4th year residents roast the 5th year residents.
Every year the 5th year residents pick a theme and all the guys dress up like the theme.  This years theme was "Will Ferrell characters".
The wives had airbrush t-shirts made with a quote from the movie their husband's character was in.
The guys had a blast being together, cutting lose, and dressing up.
They have been through the ringer together and I don't think anyone else can really understand the 5 years they just went through except each other.

David and I were exhausted after the Roast and walked into the house at 1:00 am to find that Miller wouldn't settle.  He had another ear infection (this is the 3rd one after he got tubes) so I stayed up all night with him.  I was beat on Sunday so it was a day of rest.

On Monday my mom came in town for the week of festivities so the kids were excited to have GiGi there.  We headed downtown to see David graduate from Residency.  It was a very proud moment for me because I know how hard he worked, the terrible hours he put in, the heart, soul, and passion he gives to surgery and his patients all the while being an incredible husband and father.  We can't stop talking about all that happened in the last 5 years...bought our first house, rented out our house, had 3 sons, lost our first son, worked at the church, stayed home with the kids, and even more things that I can't even remember right now.  It has been truly amazing to see the hand of our Lord on every aspect of our life.  Even through the darkest time of our life, He never forsaked us.  Truly by his mercy did we survive the last 5 years.

So on to the graduation...we packed up the kiddos, my mom, David's parents and headed downtown.
Funny story happened at graduation. Each resident when presented with their diploma took to the podium and said a little something. Usually thanking family, friends, fellow residents, and the staff. It was very nice. Well, David was last and when he went to the podium, Austin was sitting in my lap and he starts calling out for Daddy and keeps getting louder and louder until he starts crying, jumps out of my arms, and runs to the podium during David's speech. He then stayed in David's arms as he finished his speech. It was sweet and funny. The staff remarked that was the only time they had ever seen that happen. At the end of the ceremony, the staff presented some awards to the kids. Well Austin ended up with one that I'm pretty sure meant he was the most rambuctious!

After the ceremony the guys got together for some pictures.
We then had the guys with kids take a picture all together. In 5 years, 11 children were born. 3 were born before residency started and 11 during residency (with 1 on the way).
I love the next few because it shows you what life is really like with Miller right now =)
We got one good one.
I love this one...such a proud daddy.
This post only included Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  We still have the rest of the week to go...stay tuned!


Lauren said...

I look forward to the rest. I'll stay tuned!
What a beautiful post!

Molly Witherington said...

Amazing what y'all have been through. So impressed w/ all David's hard work. Fun seeing y'all downtown on Sat - hope it was a great anniversary!

Casey Cockrum said...

wow, so neat...y'all are one very special family. y'all are humble, patient, giving and never (at least that i hear) complain. so thankful to know y'all!!!

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