Comfort and Joy

I will turn their mourning into gladness; I will
give them comfort and joy instead of sorrow.
Jeremiah 31:13

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas part 2...

*Lots of pictures mainly for family.  You are warned. =)

Christmas morning started how sweet...eating coffee cake and monkey bread together, David reading the Christmas story out of the Jesus Storybook Bible, getting ready to open gifts when all of a sudden...bam...Miller threw up (a few times).  We have no idea where it came from or what happened...we were so worried that he had the stomach bug but after he got it out of his system, he was fine.  We cleaned him, the floor, and some of the presents up and then started opening gifts.  He had to take off his reindeer pj's because of getting sick on them so thats why his attire is a bright orange shirt with camo pants.  Daddy picked that out.
There were so many gifts. Our sweet boys were so blessed by our wonderful family near and far. They really outdid themselves this year. Austin LOVED every minute of it and really enjoyed opening gifts. He was so precious because he would get so excited after every gift was opened. Miller enjoyed it too. There is nothing more special than seeing Christmas through the eyes of a child.

There were lots of trucks and Thomas the train stuff... IMG_5600 IMG_5611 IMG_5613
a crazy NYC monkey from Uncle TophIMG_5601
some new plates and placemats IMG_5669 IMG_5606
Superhero capes made by mommy
new backpacks for all 3 of my boys IMG_5619 IMG_5617 IMG_5623
a cookbook from our favorite bakery in Boston IMG_5622
lots of new books
new boots for all of us
IMG_5638 IMG_5640 IMG_5644
lots of musical instruments IMG_5648 IMG_5650 IMG_5651 IMG_5658
Jewelry, gift cards, ornaments, a beautiful frame and a few other things were given as well.  It really was so wonderful.

By the end of the day, we were tuckered out. IMG_5671
All the boys (young and old) took naps while Gigi and I worked on Christmas dinner.

The next day we spent lots of time playing with our new toys.
IMG_5675 IMG_5679 IMG_5680
Poor Uncle Toph and Gigi were awoken every morning by these 2 little rascals often playing one of their musical instruments.
On the 27th Uncle Toph headed back to NYC. We were so sad to see him and Rico go. The boys LOVED having both of them here. IMG_5691 IMG_5712
After Uncle Toph left mom and I took the boys to the Children's Museum.  It was her first time to go.  She was very impressed with the museum but it was crazy busy.  I guess everyone decided to go since it was Christmas break.  We were ready to leave after only an hour. Green gogglesWorking hard
We also did a little painting with the boys.
and Gigi played horse with them.
David and I enjoyed 2 date nights.  One night we met up with friends at a new BBQ restaurant in town.  It's definitely not Memphis BBQ but it was still good.  One of the chefs from Top Chef opened it.  The second night was New Years Eve.  I made reservations a little late so the only one I could get was 6:00.   This was fine by me because it meant getting a break from dinner, baths, and bedtime routine.  Its nice every once in a while to get a break from that.  We ate dinner and then decided to go to a movie...I know, kinda lame on NYE but David and I loved it.  We love movies but only go if family is in town to watch the boys so it was a treat for us.
Mom left on New Years Day and we were very sad to see her go. It was a wonderful trip with lots of great memories made.


Emilee Odette Garrett said...

Wow! What a big Christmas! (So glad it wasn't the stomach bug.) You are so right - Christmas through the eyes of our children is so magical and wonderful. I don't think there's anything lame about your NYE date. K and I went to dinner and a movie (we NEVER go to the movies) the night before NYE and spent NYE in our PJs watching "Justified". That's definitely more lame! :-) See you SOON!

Laura Sessions said...

Looks like y'all had a fun Christmas! So glad that Miller wasn't sick. Can't wait to see you soon!