Comfort and Joy

I will turn their mourning into gladness; I will
give them comfort and joy instead of sorrow.
Jeremiah 31:13

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Life lately

Just a few photos to show our life lately...

Last Friday I took both boys to the doctor for Austin's 4 year old well visit.!  I didn't realize he would be receiving 2 of the 4 of his 5 year old shots.  It was traumatic!  Poor thing asked me if he would be getting shots while in the office and I couldn't bear to lie so I told him yes.  He then proceeded to cry right then and continued to cry for a while after.  I could tell that they really hurt. He was still sore that night at his soccer game and was limping on the field.  His leg also turned red and inflammed some.  I am definitely not looking forward to the remaining 2 he has left at his 5 year old visit.  He also received his flu shot and so did Miller.  Because of their asthma they can't receive the mist so they will always receive the shots...definitely a huge bummer.  After the shots we went for a little frozen yogurt to make up for the pain.  I had 2 doctors in attendance with a fire chief and baseball player as well!
Anybody need saving?  I've got 2 doctors plus a fireman and baseball player. Spence boys to the rescue!
David worked most of the weekend and Miller was feeling a little puny so we laid low around the house watching movies and taking bike rides.

On Monday I took both boys to the dentist. Overall it went really well. I wasn't sure if either one was going to cooperate but after a lot of prodding (maybe a little bribing) they both had their teeth cleaned and checked. Thankfully they both received a positive report. I was sure I was going to be reprimanded for having a 4 year old finger sucker and 2 year old paci sucker but the dentist was really encouraging about it and helpful with thinking up strategies to help the boys. First dentist visit for Miller!  Both boys did great. Thanks Dr. Fuson!
The boys have been playing sweetly together lately.  Austin has really stepped it up as a big brother and I am really proud of him.  I am hoping it continues when baby sister comes.  Here is a rare moment where they are playing together nicely without me having to intervene. I was in the kitchen cooking while they played so I sneaked up on them so they wouldn't stop playing. Untitled So thankful for moments like this when you see them loving each other so well. #doesntalwayshappen
Sometimes you just have to take an early morning walk by yourself to clear your head. This was a beautiful morning to do it. Sometimes you just need to be alone on an early morning walk to clear your head.
Boys being boys...playing with a small lizard toy they found on our driveway. Untitled
and playing in the dirt at our neighborhood park. Untitled Untitled
We are hoping to retry the Pumpkin patch tomorrow!  Should be a great way to end our week.

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