Comfort and Joy

I will turn their mourning into gladness; I will
give them comfort and joy instead of sorrow.
Jeremiah 31:13

Sunday, April 27, 2014


I know it is way past Easter but I want to do some catching up before I move on to the present.

We spent the night before Easter at our church's annual Easter Eve Concert at the Levitt Shell.  It was a perfect night weather and company wise.  David's parents and my mom went with us and we picked up dinner on the way.  The kids loved every part of the evening.  This is an event we love going to every year.
Memphis friends...join us Saturday night!  It will be a great night. Pack a picnic dinner and bring your family.
Maggie was enthralled by Myla and stood or danced by the stage for a really long time.
The next morning the kids came down to see what was in their Easter baskets and do our last Easter devotion.IMG_0030 IMG_0031 IMG_0032 IMG_0034 IMG_0038 IMG_0039 IMG_0040 IMG_0043 IMG_0050 IMG_0044 We tried to get pictures of our family and kids.  IMG_0058 IMG_0061 IMG_0067 IMG_0069 IMG_0071 IMG_0077
I love this one of them looking at the grandkids. IMG_0079 IMG_0081 IMG_0086 IMG_0093
Maggie wasn't very cooperative when we tried to get pictures of the 3 kids but then decided she would do a little photo shoot by herself.
IMG_0101 IMG_0102 IMG_0105 IMG_0106
This is the scrunched up face she gives me all the time. IMG_0110 IMG_0111 IMG_0112 IMG_0114
That afternoon we had everyone over for Easter dinner. IMG_0118 IMG_0119
Maggie tried a peep for the first time with Dingdad.  I think she liked it!
IMG_0121 IMG_0122
It was a wonderful Easter weekend!

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