Comfort and Joy

I will turn their mourning into gladness; I will
give them comfort and joy instead of sorrow.
Jeremiah 31:13

Friday, February 17, 2012

Five for Friday

1.  Days like I have had this week make me wish for a bigger house.  1000 square feet is pretty small when there are 4 of you.  Austin is supposed to be napping in my bedroom because the boys can't nap together and I can hear him everyday when he is supposed to be napping.  I am trying not to let it bother me but it drives me crazy.  Our bedrooms share a door so I have to go in there numerous times to tell him to be quiet so he doesn't wake his brother.  I wish I could stick him on the other side of the house where I didn't have to worry about him waking Miller or I wish he would nap.  A girl can wish!

2.  I love Adele!  I love that she rocked it at the Grammy's. 138352792PH099_The_54th_Ann
She totally deserves it.  I love listening to her while cooking dinner and trying to relax (hard when there are 2 little munchkins running wild during the witching hour but it definitely helps tune them out a little).  A new band my husband introduced me to is The Civil Wars.
They too are pretty incredible.  My new favorite thing is Pandora with either Adele or Civil Wars Station on.

3. We are going skiing with some friends in a couple weeks and we are super excited.  I hope I can remember how to ski.  Its been a while.  Hoping its like riding a bike.

4.  I have been very sad about Forrest lately.  I think now when the waves of sadness and grief hit me it feels like a punch in the gut.  Over 4 years have passed since he left us but there are moments where I feel like it was yesterday.  Our church had a precious ceremony on Sunday where they presented the first graders with their first bible.  The child picked the person who has been most instrumental in their Christian walk and that is the person who presented the bible to them.  It was such a sweet time and I immediately thought of how Forrest would have been our first to receive his bible.  I envisioned David giving the bible to Forrest and I just lost it.  I really can't explain it except to refer to my quote of feeling like you have lost a limb.  Most days you live life normally with one less limb but then at times you realize the limb is gone and life is harder without it.  I miss him so much.  I saw this quote and was reminded of the beauty that has come from his life and legacy.

5. On the note of blessed things we have had some incredible volunteers head up new projects for the Forrest Spence Fund.  These volunteers are such a blessing to the Fund and I am so excited about the new programs we have started at Le Bonheur because of them.

Our friend Cozy has started making these precious Kimono's for the babies in the NICU.  They work perfectly because they velcro around all the tubes.
Aren't they the cutest things?  The staff at Le Bonheur loved them and can't wait for the babies to wear them.  They will be such a blessing to the babies and parents.
Our friend Holly has headed up the Unit Appreciation program for the Fund.  Each month we are picking 1 or 2 units to appreciate at Le Bonheur and let them know how much we appreciate them.  Holly just delivered the first months goody bags to the Cardiac Units.  We picked the CVICU and Cardiac Floor because February is Heart Awareness month.  Holly did a GREAT job on the goody bags and the staff wrote thanking me for such a precious gift. P1210830-001P1210857-001P1210843-001
The poem below says:
Hearts are Red,
Sometimes families are 'Blue'
Thank you for the uplifting
& loving things that you do!
-The Forrest Spence Fund.

Holly came up with perfect!

Any advice on what to do with my no napping kid to keep him quiet so his brother can sleep?


Laura Sessions said...

I let mine look at books and listen to a quiet cd like Praise Baby, work jigsaw puzzles, felt board, dolls in bed... Sometimes if you tell them they don't have to sleep they just have to rest, they won't fight it and they will just fall asleep! Reverse psychology :) Praying for your sad heart this you!

The Rohman Family said...

That is tough...won't be long til you can put them on opposite sides of the house :)

ashleywheatley said...

Praying for you B! Love the kimonos!
So cute!
The FSF is amazing