Comfort and Joy

I will turn their mourning into gladness; I will
give them comfort and joy instead of sorrow.
Jeremiah 31:13

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

a lot of this and that...

We had a busy but fun weekend.  On Friday I took the boys to the Children's Museum where we once again spent a lot of time in the tool area.  The boys love wearing the goggles and aprons while "cutting" things.
We love the tool area at the Boston Children's Museum.
Saturday morning I ran 8 miles with my 3 friends who are also training for the 1/2 marathon with me. This is the second weekend to do a long run with someone else and it's the way to go. Running long runs by yourself is for the birds. I love running with friends. It makes it go by super fast.  This picture was taken after the 8 miles.  We finished 8 miles!
After the run David and I took the boys to the Aquarium. I love going there but don't love going by myself. Its dark inside so you can see the fish well but I don't like it because I often can't see my 2 kids. I love going with David because its man on man instead of playing defense. We had a lot of fun watching the sea lions outside.  They were all sleeping and man did my boys try to wake them up.  I don't think the sea lions appreciated it.
Watching the sea lions at the Boston Aquarium
Sunday David and I went on a date to the Celtics/Grizzlies basketball game.  It was so to be alone with my husband in the middle of the to be at a basketball to see our home team (Memphis) play our other home team (Boston).  We had a great time and are so thankful to our friends JP and Tiffany for watching the boys for us.
 Enjoying a date with my husband at the Celtic/Grizzlies game
JP is Miller's new favorite person (that is JP on the right...not a great picture of either guy...sorry)
That night we had some friends over for the Super Bowl.  We are sad the Patriots lost but it was still fun to watch the game with friends.  Austin loved that we were having his friends over.  He has become quite the social butterfly (I wonder where he gets that from). IMG_5876 IMG_5875
Austin playing with his friend Sebastian and sweet Miller giving Remi some of his toys. He loves to help with the babies.
IMG_5879 IMG_5880 IMG_5877
We changed the boys into their pj's in the den so we could keep watching the game and we were obviously watching the game closer than we were watching Miller when all of a sudden, he picked up David's beer and proceeded to take a sip and pour it all over himself.  He was laying down so it went in his eyes, mouth, ears, and all over his pj's.  I was so worried that he was going to be drunk but the friends that saw it reassured me that he didn't get much in his mouth.  He did wake up numerous times that night which is very unusual for him.  I think his eyes were burning from the beer in them.  Lesson learned, do not keep your beer anywhere near the little guy.  He's into everything.  

The next morning he entertained himself with daddy's boots.
And that night he entertained himself with a bucket on his head and played the drum with it.
My nighttime entertainment
Disregard the terrible singing on the video.  Just watch the cute little guy dancing with a bucket on his head.

 It was a fun, busy, and memorable weekend.


Emilee Odette Garrett said...

Love that you got to see the Grizzlies play in Boston. Miller cracks me up!!! The beer story is hilarious! And I love the bucket hat!

jennie brooks said...

Oh my word- Austin in that blue sweater is the 30-year younger twin of David's. I guess that means triplet. He's always looked like him but man... more so right now!

Nice... I knew you and David liked to let loose but didn't realize you let your kids do it too :) Miller's first beer- 19 months.

Casey Cockrum said...

Coleman just said: "Mama, that's Austin..."