Comfort and Joy

I will turn their mourning into gladness; I will
give them comfort and joy instead of sorrow.
Jeremiah 31:13

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

the rest of Memphis

Friday morning we headed to Austin's interview for preschool.  I know...if you aren't from Memphis than its hard to imagine that he has to interview for a preschool.  I'm laughing as I write it but its true.  3 year olds have to interview to get in to certain preschools.  I was nervous about it because he often freezes up in situations like that but he did great...or that's what he told me.  He went with the teacher just fine, played and talked for 30 minutes with 5 other kids, and then ran back to me and jumped in my arms telling me he loved it.  That little comment just cost us some money.  I want my boys to love school and the excitement in his voice solidified that if he gets in, we will enroll him.  It's a precious school and one that I think we would stay through 6th grade so I am hopeful that he will get in.  If he doesn't, than it wasn't the Lord's plan for him and we will be fine with that as well.

After the interview we had lunch with some friends and enjoyed playing with their precious 2 children.  Melody was one of Forrest's nurses his first few days at Le Bonheur and I instantly loved her.  We have stayed friends since and I love that we now have kids growing up together.  She too lost her first child so she understands the deep grief that goes with that.  I am very thankful for her.  I unfortunately took no pictures of our playdate.

That afternoon we waited on Gigi and Sadie to show up.  Talk about excitement.  It was my mom's birthday on that Sunday so we were super excited to celebrate with her.  We were also super thrilled to see Sadie again.  We debated back and forth on whether my mom should bring her to Memphis for fear of her acting out when she returned to my moms but finally decided it would be good for everyone.  Austin was having a really hard time missing David so I thought Sadie would be the perfect pick me up and she was for sure!  They had the best time together.  The pictures below will show the beautiful relationship these 2 share. IMG_5837 IMG_5841 IMG_5847 IMG_5849
We spent lots of time that weekend relaxing, IMG_5834 Sweet brothers
having fun with Gigi,
getting into mischief,
Boots with pjs
and loving on Sadie.
IMG_5853 IMG_5854 IMG_5856
We were so sad to see my mom and Sadie leave.  My in-laws had left on Saturday for a trip so that just left the boys and I for the next 3 days by ourselves.

That evening we were having some of my small group girls over so the boys and I went to the grocery store to get a few things.
Grocery shopping
The small group girls came over and it was so much fun.  Just like old times.  Austin was in his element...having the attention of so many girls.  He was doing somersaults on the floor and entertaining them with his stories.
Miller on the other hand was in constant amazement. He just watched the girls without making a noise. It was hilarious. He didn't do any of his normal funny things. I think he was overwhelmed...I understand..I'm often overwhelmed by them too. =) IMG_5861 IMG_5863 IMG_5865
We woke up Monday morning and drove 45 minutes to my best friends house. She just moved to Hernando, MS which is just on the other side of Memphis. It was so wonderful to see her. Such a treat that when we move back we will live only 45 minutes from each other. Bobbie has been my best friend since I was 14. We lived together for one summer during college (the craziest, scariest summer of my life...that is another blogpost in itself) and haven't lived close since. She moved to California right after her first baby was born for her husband. He was in the army and was stationed there for a few years. She then moved back to Hendersonville for the last few years. She is one of the strongest people I know. She raised her children practically alone as her husband did 3 oversee tours. Each tour was a year or more.  There are few people in the world that truly know you and love you the way she does me.  I am so blessed by her friendship.  The picture below is with her youngest, Charley.  Her oldest, Tucker, was at school that day.  Austin still talks about Mrs. Bobbie and Charley!
We drove home for naps and then after naps went to another friends house for a playdate.  It was so great to catch up with the Thompsons (no pictures again).  Grace was so sweet to offer us dinner and we gladly took her up on it.  It was pretty chaotic with 5 children 5 and under but a lot of fun.  The kids loved being together.  Austin doesn't remember a lot of friends from Memphis but he definitely remembers Bo (one of the Thompson kids) so he loved being there to play with him.  Miller loved seeing their black dog Cash who looks just like Sadie.  He just giggled at him the whole time.

Tuesday morning I planned on packing and resting but by this point we were pretty stir crazy and had cabin fever so we went on a long run where I let them "run" at the end.  It was a beautiful day so we soaked up the sun and warm weather one more time before we headed back North to the cold. Playing outside We will miss you warm weather.
After naps we had one more playdate planned at the Brooks house.  The other 2 friends Austin talks about are Whit and Thompson.  They are the sons of 2 of my best friends from college.  All 3 of our boys are 3 months apart so they love being together.  It was so fun to see them together and made me excited about returning to Memphis this summer.  All 5 of the boys ran and played their little hearts out (little Thomas bounced and crawled more than ran). IMG_1966
Thompson looks like he is throwing gang signs in these 2 pictures.  Jennie and I were dying laughing at this.  Below is Thompson, Austin, and Whit.
Jennie's youngest, Thomas.  He is precious!
IMG_1968 IMG_1970
We definitely miss playing outside in your driveway and yard.  The boys were in Heaven with all the fun toys the Brooks had.
Sweet friends On a wagon ride Driving
It was great to catch up with friends and family.  Like I said on the first post, it was hard but good.  Between all the playdates were lots of tears, fits, and even some things thrown at mommy.  If I ever doubted that our babysitter Nim is a good investment than I don't now.  It is crucial that I get a break from my children and my children get a break from me.  I am a better mommy when I can take time to step back and take a breathe.

Thank you to everyone who hosted us for playdates, dinners, and parties.  Thanks Spence's for letting us crash your house and loving all of us so well.  Thank you Mom for driving to see us and bringing Sadie.  What a treat it was to spend time with you.

Memphis...we hope to see you again in 3.5 months.  Hopefully we will be heading there to buy a home.

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Lauren said...

i'm emotional now, yes - but i still have tears in my eyes after reading about austin and sadie. that was great. so so sweet!
and, i love reading about nim! i believe she's an angel sent to us memphis folks:))) give her a hug from the scrughams!!
thinking about you guys! i love reading every post!