Comfort and Joy

I will turn their mourning into gladness; I will
give them comfort and joy instead of sorrow.
Jeremiah 31:13

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ski Trip

This past Friday the family loaded up and drove to Maine for a weekend with friends.  David took off Friday from work so we left Boston around 9:30 and drove straight to Freeport, Maine to stop for lunch and walk around the outlets.

The LL Bean Flagship store is there which was really neat to see.  The boys enjoyed the fish pond and aquarium.
Watching the fish at LL Bean flagship store in Maine At LL Bean Flagship store in Maine
There was a bubble in the aquarium that you could stick your head in and feel like you were inside the tank with the fish. The boys got a big kick out of that.

 We also stopped in a few more stores but it was more work than it was worth to shop with kids. Patagonia store
We left Freeport and drove the last 1.5 hours to Bethel, Maine.  Miller took a 45 minute nap and sweet Austin stayed completely quiet the whole time so "Mudder" could sleep.  It was really sweet. Sweet boy sleeping in the car
I know Miller's paci is orange with pink and yes David does hate it but paci's are hard to keep up with so we just go with it.

Once we got to the cabin we suited up in our snow gear and played outside.  The daddy's pulled the kids and mommy's on the sleds around the house and down to the resort. It was really fun and the boys loved it.
IMG_1516 Taking a ride on the sled with the kiddos
 Saturday we woke up early to a delicious breakfast and headed for the slopes. All the kids stayed at the ski resorts daycare while the parents skied all day. I was a little nervous about how the boys would do being left at a place they didn't know but they really did well. It helped that their friends were there as well. Austin because he was over 3 got to try out skiing with an instructor. David and I skied for a little while and then came down to the bottom of the mountain to watch Austin. Skiing
I should have listened to my husband and not let Austin see us. We watched him come down the bunny slope one time with his instructor and then I heard him say he didn't want to do it again.

I thought if he saw us he would try it again but my plan backfired. A skiing 2
He instead got really upset when he realized we were continuing to ski without him and he was going back to the daycare.  He kept saying that he wanted to go home (which meant the cabin).  David tried skiing with him one time and then the poor instructor had to pick him up and ski down the rest of the mountain back to the daycare with him screaming in his arms.  It was pretty traumatic and I was really sad about it.  If you ask him now though he will tell you that he loved it and wants to do it again so obviously it didn't leave a lasting impression.

 David and I went back up the mountain and found our friends. Steph & I Its on like donkey king
We continued to ski the rest of the day until we hit the point where we were all freezing and ready to get warm and see our kids.  We picked up the kids and headed back to the cabin.

Each couple was responsible for a meal over the weekend.  One couple cooked a delicious Thai dinner which we all enjoyed after the kids were put to bed.
The girls with babes The boys
The girls
The next morning the boys woke up bright and early (5:40 am) ready to see their friends. We convinced them to lay quietly until 6:15 and then they were ready to start the day. I was in charge of breakfast so we went ahead and got up and going. The boys wrestled while I prepared breakfast. IMG_5951
2 of the families headed back early on Sunday so we made sure we got a picture of all the kids before they left.
Austin and Miller love Sebastian.  They have become quite the trio!IMG_5974IMG_5975
I love this next picture of Remi on the move and all the big kids just watching him.
I'll do another post from our Sunday adventures.


jennie brooks said...

Kuddos to Austin- I think he skied better than I did the first time I tried. And that was in high school!

Laura Sessions said...

Sounds like a great trip!