Comfort and Joy

I will turn their mourning into gladness; I will
give them comfort and joy instead of sorrow.
Jeremiah 31:13

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Life lately

So sorry I have been so MIA.  Life has been fun, crazy, hectic around here.  David has been working like a dog so most weekdays are spent with me being a single parent so by the time nighttime rolls around all I want to do is lay on the couch and do nothing.  Thankfully he has been around this weekend so I feel like I have caught up on some sleep, life, housework, etc.  We have had so much going on lately that I don't honestly know where to start.  I am still behind on posts from the last month and one day I will catch up.

We have been busy checking things off our bucket list because we are down to a little over 6 weeks before we pull out of Boston.  It feels more and more real that we are close to done.  We showed our apartment this past week to 3 potential tenants and 1 signed on Friday.  Thankfully that is over with.  I am thankful that I do not have to sell a house with 2 small children.  Just trying to pick up before the potential renters came was a headache.  Hats off to all of you that put your house on the market with small children.

Most of my nap times have been spent working on the Forrest Spence Fund, Parent Mentor Program, or searching Pinterest for ideas for our new house.  In the past Pinterest has just been fun and something to dream about but now that we have bought our dream home, its finally here.  I am no longer looking just for fun...I am looking for real!  This is so hard for me to comprehend.  David has been in medical training for 10 years.  I have spent 9 of those 10 years with him.  9 years of being poor, 9 years of having a husband who worked more than any normal person should ever have to work, 9 years of living somewhat in transition knowing that in a few years we would move on to something else, 9 years of doing a lot of things alone because my husband was working/studying/sleeping.  The training is finally over (6 weeks) and I am so proud of my husband.  I truly can't imagine life with anyone but him.  It has been unbelievably hard at times and times where I truly couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel but that light is finally here.  We have made it...we have survived...we have thrived.  It has been beyond difficult at times but I can't imagine not walking this road with him.  He deserves everything and more for how hard he has worked, the hours he has spent learning his trade, the lack of sleep he has accumulated, the amount of money spent and lost because of his training.  His time is finally here and I am truly rejoicing for both of us.  So all that to has been busy.

Now, on to the pictures to recap some fun times we have had lately.

The boys and I made cupcakes for David's birthday.  Both boys had just woken up from naps so a little cranky still.
Making daddy's birthday cupcakes
We had some rainy and cold days come through Boston so we spent some time inside making train tracks that went the length of our hallway and in and out of bedrooms. Train track in our hallway...pj's still in hand...boys playing is sweet
This littlest one has me wrapped around his finger. The curls, smile, and laughter will get you if your not careful.
  My sweet Miller
We have a weekly Wednesday play date with our bible study friends. We are so thankful for this precious group of mommy's and children. Sweet friends!
We spent an afternoon at the park with some friends swinging. Yes, they are in long pants and jackets in June. What?!?
  Just a swinging
I'm telling you...he will capture your heart. My littlest fireman. My precious fireman
Finally some beautiful and warm weather came back this past Friday so we met some friends at our neighborhood park. They are moving at the end of June and we are super sad to say goodbye. Good buds Untitled Enjoying the rolling slide
On Saturday my Moms Club had a BBQ at a beautiful park that we had never been to before. It was gorgeous and the most amazing weather as well. Untitled
My boys are sitting on the steps in the distance (with daddy). Untitled
Austin was pretending to fish with his homemade fishing pole. Untitled
Saturday night we rode scooters to our neighborhood new pizza restaurant, Otto. Untitled My biggest Out for an evening scooter ride to get dinner
Everyone enjoyed the pizza! I think he liked the pizza!
That night after baths we took pictures of Miller with straight hair. We kept laughing how different he looked without his curls. He wasn't really cooperating but we tried. Untitled Untitled Untitled
Sunday morning we attended early church and then walked through our favorite parts of Boston, the Boston Commons and Boston Public Gardens. We stopped along the way and enjoyed a breakfast sandwich and coffee at Clover, the vendor food truck in Boston Commons. The steeple behind the food truck is our church, Park Street. Enjoying a breakfast sandwich and coffee in the park after church (that's our church steeple behind the food vendor truck)
We then rode the carousel for the 1st time this season. 1st Carousel ride of the season
And checked something off our bucket list, riding the swan boats in the Boston Public Gardens. Such a treat and a must do if you visit Boston. Checking off the bucket list-swan boat ride in Boston Gardens
I didn't catch the moments where Austin was a pistol and throwing a huge fit or Miller was saying "up, up" because he didn't want to walk but I know that even with great weekends there are moments where I want to throw my hands up and scream "I surrender".  Thank heavens for naps and beautiful sunshine!

Hope to be less MIA over the next few weeks!  Happy Sunday friends!


The Rohman Family said...

You've made it. Congratulations. I know it was a long, long road.

KJ said...

loved this post! What an awesome season this in for your family- and truly such a big accomplishment for David (and you his biggest supporter!). can't believe we only get you for 6 more weeks. You're doing such a good job of packing lots in!