Comfort and Joy

I will turn their mourning into gladness; I will
give them comfort and joy instead of sorrow.
Jeremiah 31:13

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Oregon brain

So, I didn't mean to announce quite so early that I was pregnant with baby #4 but my brain is completely mush.  I told my friend after I accidentally announced on Instragram by posting a picture of my 2 boys in their Big Bro shirts that I had Oregon Brain.  I meant to say Preggo Brain but spell check changed it to Oregon Brain and I honestly feel that way.  I am all over the place.  I have felt great with this pregnancy besides some back pain (such a of the 4) but my brain is gone.  I keep saying and doing things that are hilarious.  I am emotional, forgetful, and pretty scattered and if you know me well, you know this is not the typical me.  I am usually very organized and remember most things well.  I guess being pregnant 4 times in less than 5 years has finally done it to me.  I think this is my body saying, enough already...give me a break!  The picture I posted on Instagram is below.  I put this quote with it. "What do you do on a cold, rainy day in a movie while enjoying popcorn".  Should have said "We are having a baby...woo hoo" because every comment I received after that made me realize I had made a mistake.
What do you do on a cold, rainy day in a movie while enjoying popcorn
My high school girls jumped on this in about 2 seconds and I was receiving text after text wondering what the shirts meant.  Oh well...we are over 12 weeks which was my goal but I was planning on waiting a little bit longer.  Here's hoping to my old brain coming back and Oregon brain going away.  If not, I guess I can deal with a scattered brain for 6.5 more months!

*If anyone has asked to follow me on Instragram and I haven't responded, I'm sorry.  I use that for really close friends and family.  I don't mean to not respond.  


steph said...

Sorry about your back and brain, but congrats on number 4!!!

Emilee Odette Garrett said...

I'm still cracking up over that announcement! :-) Just one of those things and a funny part of his/HER story. Still smiling about #4. Glad you are feeling well. Love you, friend!

Molly Witherington said...

haha! i'm a week or so behind you but i feel like i just can't hide it! maybe b/c i'm a little dramatic sometimes and i've felt so bad i just want to complain. what can i say, i'm an open book! glad you've felt okay - take care of that back!!!

The Rohman Family said...

I can't wait to hear if you're having a boy or girl. I remember seeing y'all in Davis Kidd when you were pg with Miller and David said he just knew Miller would be a girl :)

lindley said...

Ohhhh hooray!!!! Sooo exciting!! I've been way behind on my blog reading since we just moved in to our new house, but catching up on you tonight and I'm thrilled for y'all!!! Can't wait to see you when you get back!