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give them comfort and joy instead of sorrow.
Jeremiah 31:13

Monday, October 7, 2013

Austin's Lego Birthday Party

Austin wanted a Lego theme for his 5th birthday party which was pretty easy to do since we have so many legos.  I starting browsing the internet and seeing ideas I could find and replicate.

For the invitation I used card stock and folded 1 8.5x11 sheet in half.  I then used a 2 inch circle cutter to punch holes in another same colored card stock and placed 6 circles with glue dots on the cards to make it look like legos.
Therapy: 1. The treatment of   disease or disorders. 2. A curative power or quality. 3. Psychotherapy. 4. Any act, hobby, task, program, etc. that relieves tension.  *I'll take #4. Planning for Austin's birthday is therapy for me after Forrest's birthday. IMG_6509
For the inside I used lego font and typed the words for the invitation.  I also cut parts of the invitation from the real Lego invitations I picked up when we were at the Lego store in Nashville in June.  IMG_6510 IMG_6512
I used the same lego font I found online and printed the letters for his birthday sign.  For table decoration I used vases and jars I had laying around and filled them with different size legos.
David drew the lego man faces on each cup.  This was such a simple step that the boys (especially Austin) loved.
I purchased yellow gift bags and circle punched yellow construction paper out and taped them to the bags to make them look like legos.  IMG_9222
Each gift bag was filled with a lego man birthday builder pack, a lego cookie, 2 medals from their games, and the race car they each built.IMG_9223
The lego cake was made by a friend at church.  She does a wonderful job on cakes and they taste delicious!
The cookies were made by Sweet Happy Cookies (I will put a link to all things at the bottom).IMG_9226
Lego toss game.  You toss 4 lego blocks and whoever has the highest points wins.
Pin the hat on the lego man.  David drew a lego man and my mom colored it and then laminated it.  Austin colored a party hat and I copied it for each boy to have their own hat to pin on there.  IMG_9231 IMG_9233 IMG_9234
Each boy guessed how many legos were in the jar.  There were 14 legos.  Surprisingly Austin guessed exactly right.  Quite a few boys were close with 13, 15, 16, and 17.  Some were way off with 600, 750, 185, etc.
We also had build your own race car.  Each boy had their own set of race car legos that they were to build and then we raced them down the Speedway.
We also played a game of I Spy the Lego man.  I cut out numerous little lego men and hid them around the house.  The boys would go off to find them and bring them back.  In the picture below you can see 2 little yellow lego men hanging at the bottom of the iron things on the wall.

We went with a simple meal of pizza, grapes, and chips.  Perfect for 5 year old boys.
IMG_9269   IMG_9272  IMG_9279
It was a great day celebrating Austin!  Thankful for the precious friends who came to celebrate him.

Lego I Spy Men
I Spy Game
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Lego race car sets
Pin the Hat game and Race Car Speedway
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Lego font
Sweet Happy Cookies

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