Comfort and Joy

I will turn their mourning into gladness; I will
give them comfort and joy instead of sorrow.
Jeremiah 31:13

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Easter activities

Here are a few things we have done lately to celebrate Easter.  Please don't think I am posting this because I am supermom and always have fun things planned for my children...majority of the crafts end up with one, two, or all of us crying.  My expectations are most definitely never met when I am trying to do something fun or educational.  I just thought I would share some easy, fun things I have found online to do with the kids.  

1.  Made a bunny envelope that I tied to the back of their chairs.  David and I stick notes in the envelope for the boys to find.  I have said before that Austin's love language is words of affirmation so he loves this.
Rabbit notes

2.  Made a paper plate bunny.

3.  Started the 12 days of Easter (3 days late so we are doubling up for a couple days).
Starting our 12 days of Easter...3 days late :)
Here are Days 11 & 12. 
Day 12: mini playdoh … “The name of Jesus”    Read the story of the Angel coming to Mary in Luke 1.   Talk about what the name of Jesus -  Immanuel “God with us” means.  Talk about the meaning of our own names. Read Philippians 2:10 together and discuss.  Use the playdoh to spell out the name of Jesus.Untitled
Day 11:  swedish fish candy and a cracker … “Jesus feeds the 5000” See how many times we can break the ‘bread’ and ‘fish’. Read the story in  Matthew 14, Luke 9, or John 6.  Talk about what it might have looked like and note how everyone got enough to be full and not just tiny pieces.
(I just used a goldfish since that's what I had on hand)
Jesus feeds the 5000

4.  Austin and Ellie the elephant watched a YouTube Video of the Resurrection Story from the Jesus Storybook Bible.
Watching the Jesus Storybook Bible Easter story

I hope to instill in my boys that Easter isn't just about candy and bunnies, I want them to know the true meaning of Easter and why we celebrate it.  I am definitely not against the Easter Bunny (just ask my husband) but I just don't want it to only be about the Easter Bunny and what they receive in their basket.


jennie brooks said...

Love it! I am doing something every day this week in preparation for Easter too and I did a search on Pinterest for "Easter" and it made me sad what all came up- all eggs, bunnies and treats. I'm throwing some of the eggs in there for fun but the other days are about Jesus. Love you!
(Oh and this post is approved by me! Not the cleaning supplies!)

The Rohman Family said...

We made palms branches out of green construction paper and shouted "Hosanna" and talked about the donkey bringing Jesus to Jerusalem.

I love that at least SOMEONE ends up crying during a craft...sounds just like our house :)

Emilee Odette Garrett said...

Cute activities! I can't wait to show the girls the video! I cracked up at your "disclaimer". I had a craft to do with the girls this weekend. I thought they would love it. They hated it. Caroline participated for about 5 minutes. Helen flat out refused to even do a little bit. Kevin and I wound up doing the craft by ourselves. We had a great time. I still think you're a supermom for lots of other reasons. :-)