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I will turn their mourning into gladness; I will
give them comfort and joy instead of sorrow.
Jeremiah 31:13

Friday, March 30, 2012

Five for Friday-cleaning supplies

This Five for Friday is a post on some of my favorite cleaning items.

5 favorite cleaning items:
1. Clorox Wipes - allows me to clean up the kitchen and bathroom in a matter of seconds.  Love these and will never live without them.  They are used constantly in my house.

2.  Clorox Toilet bowl Wand.  I hate cleaning toilets so I love that you don't have to touch anything but the handle and can throw away the sponge afterwards.  I appreciate my mom more and more as I get older and I really appreciate that she cleaned the toilets with 3 men in her home.  Gross!!!

3.  Shower cleaner.  I found this recipe on pinterest and it does seem to clean the glass on my shower pretty well.

4.  Dyson Ball Vaccuam - Love this vacuam, especially with dog hair.  We don't have Sadie in Boston but I still use this all the time.  We will get her back when we move back to Memphis so this appliance will always have an important job in my household.  They also have great customer service.

5.  Dirt Devil Red Dustbuster - My old Kone Dustbuster died recently and I thought I was going to go nuts using just my broom and dustpan.  This is a new thing for me to have to clean up kids food after they eat.  I am used to my old trusty dustbuster (Sadie) and really missed her when we moved here.  I now sweep the floors and then use the dustbuster to clean up the mess.  This one is great because it has a small crevice tool that gets between the cracks of their highchairs as well.

*If you are an organic/green cleaner than I applaud you.  I am trying to become more green (Boston will really encourage you to do it) but I am making the transition slowly.  I am a person of habit and love the trusty things that work for me.


jennie brooks said...

If you ever use cleaning products as a post on your blog again I will boycott. Seriously??

The Rohman Family said...

Can't do without:
My swiffer; it seems to sweep up hardwood so much better than a broom

Audra said...

awesome tips supermom!i definitely need that little duster, after having poppy my hair seems to fallout by the bunches (probably tmi) and all the crumbs from foods etc and getting out the vacuum seems like such a process.