Comfort and Joy

I will turn their mourning into gladness; I will
give them comfort and joy instead of sorrow.
Jeremiah 31:13

Monday, March 12, 2012

Thank you and Charlestown

Thank you to those that prayed for Katie.  As you can see from the posts she is doing great.  I am truly in awe of her healing and the amazing surgery that took place.  This is a picture she put on her Facebook wall so as you can see...major surgery...major incision...and still a lot of healing that needs to take place.  Please remember to keep her in your prayers.
My family is also on the mend.  Both boys have turned the sickness corner and are starting to rebound.  We are sleeping through the night again and returning to normal.  Thank you so much for the prayers this weekend and sweet commments.  I really appreciated all of them.

A little recap now of the last few days.  After we dropped David off at the airport on Friday afternoon we had a mommy/sons date at a pizza parlor and ice cream shop.
My precious dates Ice cream with gummy bears!  Yummy! Austin says while eating his ice cream, "this is a perfect idea." :)
They looked very sweet and calm in these pictures but unfortunately when we returned home is when the poop hit the fan.  It was major  meltdown at my house before bedtime.  Lots of tears, fights, and tantrums about missing daddy.  I might have texted my husband a few times that I hoped he was having a good time (obviously sarcastically).

Majority of Saturday mornings I have the pleasure of running my long runs with friends without kids.  My husband is a trooper and loves having Saturday mornings with the boys so it works out well for both of us. Unfortunately this Saturday I didn't have backup so the boys went along for the run. I was not prepared and the run ended up being terrible. Praise the Lord for good friends who are prepared and bailed us out of a terrible situation. We were 4 miles from home when Miller lost it...hysterically crying and I had no money, no T card, no snacks. Thankfully Audra had all of the above so instead of trying to run home we just hopped on the T and cut our long run short. I am thankful for mommy friends who just know that sometimes you just roll with the punches. Audra took this picture on the subway as I was wrangling two crazy boys.   Motherhood is humbling to say the least.  Riding the T with my crazy kids
My mom made it in Saturday afternoon so the boys have loved having an extra playmate around.  My brother also took the night bus over from NYC and made it to our apartment before 8:00 am this morning.  Such a treat to see him.  Uncle Toph needed a bandaid so obviously both boys wanted a bandaid as well.
Just like Uncle Toph
It's a beautiful day in Boston so we decided to head to Charlestown and check out the USS Constitution and Defender.  The boys have been into pirate ships lately so even though the Constitution is not a pirate ship, it looks like one to a 3 year old. Boat 1
Anchor at USS constitution
We then headed over to the Defender and took a tour of the ship that fought in WWII. Defending our country WWII fighter Running away Where daddy would have worked on the ship View of Boston from the ship
We then had lunch at a fun little cafe/bakery that my friend Lauren had told us about. They lived in Charlestown for 1 year when Jeff was completing his fellowship so it was fun to finally try out one of their favorite eating spots. Delicious bakery in Charlestown
After lunch we treated the boys to another round of ice cream. I know...I know...more ice cream. This was 3 days apart. What can I say...we all love ice cream. Enjoying ice cream on this beautiful day
Thankful for the beautiful day and beautiful weather in Boston!


Molly Witherington said...

my sister told me that there is more ice cream consumed per person in boston than in any other us city. i would have thought it would've been a warmer city farther south. anyway, way to contribute to that stat! hope you got some. you deserve it after a long run with a stroller and wrestling 2 boys on the T!

Suz said...

What cuties! I love Emack and Bolio's - your post is sure making me want their "Purple Cow" right now. :)

Lauren said...

emack and bolios!!! yum yum!!!
i have tears in my eyes reading your posts. blame it on the pregnancy:)
i love your adventures. y'all are making the most of every opportunity in and around boston, and you will be so happy you did.
chatham bars inn (?i think?), the paramount, a 1/2 marathon (running in boston is the best), beautiful parks in the middle of the city, & time only a year like this could afford w/ your boys (even if things get a little sticky at times:)) - what's not to love:))) and the weather! y'all are getting the best weather imaginable.
i look forward to seeing many more adventures, and have a wonderful time w/ great friends on a fun visit!