I thought I would send out another quick update.  As we reported, we
brought Katie home yesterday afternoon.  She is sleeping quite a bit
and still in significant pain, however, she is overjoyed to be home
and to be with her babies.  We were a little concerned with the
physical and occupation therapists’ report as they were initially
recommending 7-10 days of inpatient rehab at another hospital.  The
main issue is dizziness and some side-to-side motion problems.  She
has a little vision blurriness, but Dr. Dylan (Katie's brother) and
the neurosurgeons have made us comfortable that there will be a
complete recovery.  Eventually, she showed some improvement and Dr.
Thompson felt that inpatient therapy was unnecessary. We found a great
rehab clinic in Franklin that came highly recommended and she will go
there 3 days a week for therapy.

Because we opted to do outpatient therapy, we do have to have at least
two people with her at all times (one for babies and one for her), but
we have been so blessed with a wonderful family that this shouldn't be
a problem.  Katie has a large incision with staples that runs
horizontally across the back of her head.  Behind and inside her ears
there is bruising and even her eyes are a little bruised.  It appears
that the surgeons were correct in saying that she would feel she was
hit by a truck.

We are doing our best to balance pain management and rest with being
up and getting in a routine.  Our next step is a therapy appointment
at 2:00 on Wednesday, and she will get the staples taken out next week
as well.  We see remarkable improvement and at times we experience
some normalcy. Earlier this afternoon for instance, we all sat outside
in the sunshine while Charlie hunted Easter eggs.  We know that
everything is going to be okay, but we ask for continued prayers for
complete healing and recovery.  We do realize how extremely blessed we
are.  So many people are not as lucky as we are.  As we have said all
along, that this tumor was revealed when it was is of no coincidence.
God ordained a plan and we can already start to see the "first-fruits”
of this plan working itself out in our lives and in the lives of other

-Katie and Jeremy