Comfort and Joy

I will turn their mourning into gladness; I will
give them comfort and joy instead of sorrow.
Jeremiah 31:13

Monday, July 9, 2012

Recap of last 10 days

I know...I have been a terrible blogger.  I have lots of excuses but really I have just been bad.  I am going to try and recap the last 10 days in this post.

We started out last Saturday with our typical donuts with dad.  Sometimes the boys are sweet and let mom tag along like they did last Saturday.
That afternoon David went to the airport to pick up Yaya...the boys were thrilled when they woke up from naps and Yaya was at their house.

Since we had free babysitting,  we went on a wonderful double date with some great friends in Boston on Saturday night. We enjoyed dinner at a great restaurant on Newbury and then headed to the most incredible dessert place I have ever been, Max Brenner. Truly incredible!
Untitled Untitled
Sunday we woke up bright and early to head out on a Whale Watching Cruise. Everyone has been super excited about this little trip. Untitled
We unfortunately only saw 1 whale but we did see that 1 whale quite a few times. It was definitely worth doing. The boys enjoyed the boat ride and didn't get seasick which was great! Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled 6c106c99-d774-4555-9968-7c878b250e65 Untitled
On Monday we took it easy and just relaxed after a busy weekend.  Aunt Ellen came to visit and brought some birthday gifts for Miller and brought a sweet big brother gift for Austin.
On Tuesday Yaya and I took the boys to our favorite beach, Crane Beach. It was a perfect day with the weather and the boys. They were in great spirits which made the day trip a perfect trip. Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled
Untitled Untitled Untitled
On Tuesday night we hired Nim to babysit and went to the Boston Harbor for dinner with Diane and Aunt Ellen. It was truly a perfect night to sit by the Harbor and watch the boats come in and wait for dinner.  Dinner was delicious and such a treat to eat a quiet, uninterrupted dinner with adults.
  Perfect night for dinner on the Wharf Untitled
On Wednesday, the 4th, we spent a great morning together as a family. David and Yaya let mommy sleep in which was a great 4th gift! After the relaxing morning, we went out to find lunch which wasn't as easy. There were long lines everywhere so we finally ended up at a Bagel Shop getting lunch. Fun 4th of July Happy 4th of July! Untitled
That night we packed a picnic and headed to the local park where the boys splashed in the splash pond and then enjoyed a picnic dinner together. Untitled
After we put the boys to bed, David and his mom headed out to the Boston Pops concert. I was exhausted and didn't think the boys could make it through the entire thing (the fireworks didn't start until 10:30 that night) so we stayed at home. Diane took some pretty pictures on her phone of the sunset, the river, and the people. They had just walked pretty close to the Shell when lightning and thunder rolled in and the police made everyone evacuate. They hightailed it home thinking it wouldn't resume and unfortunately it did about 30 minutes later. They were still thankful to be home watching it though because it started to rain pretty hard and they would have been soaked. Untitled Untitled Untitled
On Thursday morning we had to take Yaya to the airport to say goodbye.  I had 2 sad boys on the way home from the airport.  They were so sad to see Yaya go.  That evening we enjoyed dinner just the 3 of us with popsicles on the porch afterwards.
Yummy Popsicles
Friday morning our little family packed up and headed for a long weekend to Bar Harbor, ME. The next post will be about our weekend trip to Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park. Hiking in the Acadia National Park


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Austin's whale shirt on the whale watching trip - too cute. I LOVE Maine...hope you had a great time!

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Not a terrible blogger - a busy blogger! Loved the update!