Comfort and Joy

I will turn their mourning into gladness; I will
give them comfort and joy instead of sorrow.
Jeremiah 31:13

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Jingle Bells are Ringing...

We have been busy at the Spence home getting ready for Christmas.  We have crammed a lot of fun and meaningful things into our weeks and the boys are really enjoying everything that goes along with Christmas.

We have made Gingerbread houses with Gigi.  I left the house to take our dog to the vet and when I returned Miller had no clothes on.  You know that everyone is having a good time when the clothes come off. =)
IMG_7909 IMG_7911 IMG_7912
We went to Snowy Nights at The Big Backyard with Yaya and Dingdad. IMG_7917 IMG_7918 IMG_7919 IMG_7920
We visited with Santa at the Bass Pro Shop...they were super thrilled to be there...can't you tell. Meeting Santa. #cantyoutelltheirexcited
They seemed to enjoy the trains and guns more than Santa.  Mommy enjoyed resting while they ran around and played.
Thank you Bass Pro Shop for giving this tired, pregnant momma a fun morning activity. The boys loved it!
Halley and I hosted a cookie exchange for over 30 of our closest friends and I didn't take 1 single picture. It was a blast though and there were enough cookies to feed an army afterwards.

We have spent lots of time discussing the true meaning of Christmas by incorporating our Little People Nativity Set,
and our Advent Nativity Calendar.
We were also given The Names of Jesus Christmas Tree by my good friend Jennie. It is amazing!  She made every ornament and every ornament has another name for Jesus on it along with a scripture to read. Each night we read the scripture and discuss the name for Jesus on it and then place it on the tree. Such a precious idea.
IMG_7925 IMG_7926
We also do a paper chain that has a different name for Jesus on it as well.  That is on the little tree below.
We get giddy over receiving our Christmas cards everyday.  (I am waiting until baby sister comes to send anything...I can't afford or have the energy to do 2 in less than a month.)
We wake up every morning eager to find our Elf.  Today he flew high to the balcony above the den.  Our elf doesn't do crazy things...this momma has enough on her plate besides cleaning up the messes Elf makes.  The boys just love that he is somewhere new everyday. IMG_7929
We try to nap while the boys are napping but it doesn't always work out. This is where the boys ended up yesterday when mommy was trying to nap. This is what joined me in the bed during nap time today. David wonders why I'm so worn rest for the weary. #naptimefail
I thankfully called David and asked if he could come home early because I was s.t.r.u.g.g.l.i.n.g and he was so sweet and came home to rescue me (or the boys...either way, we both needed rescue). It allowed me to rest and recover some. We are eagerly awaiting our precious baby sister to make her appearance. Her stocking is hung in hopes that she will make her appearance before Christmas but she seems to be a little too cozy in my belly.
Just a little recap in the Spence household.  Hope you are enjoying this magical time as well celebrating the true meaning of Christmas.


Laura Sessions said...

LOVE the picture of the boys with the Bass Pro Santa. That is priceless!

Emilee Odette Garrett said...

So much fun! I love that M has no clothes on. P already loves being naked. Boys... I'm going to have to google the Names of Jesus tree - love that idea. Christmas card season is my favorite! Can't wait to get one from the Spences with a new precious face on it!!!