Comfort and Joy

I will turn their mourning into gladness; I will
give them comfort and joy instead of sorrow.
Jeremiah 31:13

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Zoo Lights

We took the boys to Zoo Lights at the Memphis Zoo and had a great time.  Austin kept telling us it was the best night ever.  The littlest things bring so much having kids!  We picked up Chick-fil-a on the way there and met daddy at the zoo.  We started by walking through and seeing all the beautiful lights and and visiting with Dasher and Dancer.
We then headed straight for the Ferris Wheel.  Austin saw it from the entrance and really wanted to ride it.  Miller was definitely hesitant and unsure about the whole thing but did fine as long as David held him tight.
IMG_7941 IMG_7942 IMG_7933 IMG_7934 IMG_7936 IMG_7937
After the Ferris Wheel we jumped on the Tram and rode it all around the zoo. It was definitely the way to see the lights and the zoo at night. IMG_7951
We headed to the Farm area where the Christmas Express Train was running. IMG_7944
We then finished the night by making some crafts. IMG_7945 IMG_7946 IMG_7948
Definitely a fun family night full of great memories!


Laura Sessions said...

Looks like fun! Glad y'all got a lot of fun family time in before baby sister arrives!

Emilee Odette Garrett said...

Y'all are adorable!