Comfort and Joy

I will turn their mourning into gladness; I will
give them comfort and joy instead of sorrow.
Jeremiah 31:13

Friday, September 27, 2013

9 months old

Maggie turned 9 months on September 27th.  Months 8-9 were huge months for her.  She is still cutting her top two teeth plus the other top 2 so 4 total.  The pediatrician thinks they will break though any day.  She is on the move now....crawling everywhere, pulling up and even cruising some.  She will also take a few steps when you hold her hands.  It all happened in about a week.  She is also clapping her hands and does it at the right times like when she does something she is proud of.  Maggie also said her first word on September 11.  It was ma ma.  She also moved up to a big girl car seat because she weighed in over 20 lbs at her 9 month check up.  She has started eating more finger foods but still likes a lot of pureed foods.  She still naps twice a day and thankfully the afternoon nap has increased in time because I think she's exhausted after being on the move all day.  She still sleeps awesome at night.  She had her 7th ear infection so she got tubes this month.  So far so good with not getting another ear infection.  She is still very laid back but has an opinion about things and makes sure you know when she isn't happy.  She is also squealing out of delight and frustration.  The boys never did this so not sure if it's just a girl thing. =)

Things she loves:

-her brothers!!!
-her daddy and mommy
-her own voice
-smiles from others
-bath time
-being on the diaper changing table
-pulling up
-getting into stuff she shouldn't get into-her teething toys
-her fingers

Things she doesn't love:

-when everyone leaves the room
-when no one is paying attention to her

She weighed 20.4 at the doctor the other day and was 29 inches in length.  75% in both.  

Some pictures of our sweet girl!
IMG_9305 IMG_9307 IMG_9308 IMG_9309 IMG_9312 IMG_9313

IMG_9315 IMG_9316 IMG_9317 IMG_9319 IMG_9322
Here is Maggie at months 1-8.  
Untitled Untitled
We ADORE you baby girl and truly can't imagine life without you in it!

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