Comfort and Joy

I will turn their mourning into gladness; I will
give them comfort and joy instead of sorrow.
Jeremiah 31:13

Thursday, November 3, 2011


We had a wonderful Halloween!  As you can see the boys were animals this year.  I found their costumes at a Consignment Sale in Memphis when I was home in August and decided to go ahead and buy them since they were such a good deal.  When I returned to Boston David asked what if Austin didn't like being a monkey but thankfully he did because we called him Curious George!  He loves Curious George.  He told everyone he was wearing his George suit.  He wouldn't call it a costume.
Miller was the cutest little duck around.  I can't believe they both wore their costumes with their hoods on the entire time.  Thankfully its colder up here so they didn't ever get too hot.  They were perfect because it meant they didn't need coats as well.
We took these pictures before we left for our friends house in Beacon Hill.
IMG_4744 IMG_4745 IMG_4747
We took the train to Beacon Hill where we met up with 3 other families.  We had dinner together before we went Trick or Treating.  Beacon Hill is a beautiful area of Boston with gorgeous grand homes.  They go all out for Halloween with great decorations, sounds, and good candy.  Beacon Hill is where Senator John Kerry lives.  We did trick or treat at his house but he wasn't the one giving out candy.
IMG_4768 IMG_4774
Our friend Remi was Peter Pan.  His mommy is a great designer and interior decorator and made his costume.
IMG_4752 IMG_4763
Austin's friend William was also a Curious George.  They loved being the same thing. IMG_4755
We also met up with our friends the Meduri's who were going to meet us for dinner before but they had a new baby girl on Thursday so just met us to Trick or Treat instead.  Sebastian was a precious Train Conductor.
Austin was so sweet as he trick or treated.  He would walk up to each house, say very sweetly "trick or treat" and then say "thank you" as he placed the candy in his basket.  Miller on the other hand walked straight up, took a piece of candy, walked a little ways off and then immediately tore the wrapper off to stick it in his mouth.  He thought it was the greatest night. =)
IMG_4754 IMG_4759
Another wonderful memory made for our little family of 4.


Emilee Odette Garrett said...

I love the monkey and duck! And Peter Pan is so cute! We thought about doing a Peter Pan theme with the kids, but I couldn't find an infant Peter Pan costume. I'm impressed that she made it! I'm thankful that you are making connections and are having a fun time. Still missing you here, though!

Melody said...

So precious! Love all the pictures and I love the commentary and difference between Austin and Miller. Boys at their finest!! :)