Comfort and Joy

I will turn their mourning into gladness; I will
give them comfort and joy instead of sorrow.
Jeremiah 31:13

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Swim Lessons and Soccer

Austin finished up swim lessons this week. IMG_4950
He took for 10 weeks.  He was the youngest in his class by at least a year. IMG_4946
I think his age  and size definitely hindered him a little in this class.  He had a hard time paying attention.  He had no fear of the water so the teachers didn't mind that he was so young but I don't think they pushed him hard enough. IMG_4952
It was hard as a swim lesson teacher myself to sit and watch him not be pushed to do more.  I felt like he was doing more with me this summer than he was doing during class.  He was so little compared to the other kids that I don't think his teachers thought he could do it. IMG_4953
I didn't say anything throughout the whole class until the last class.  Yes, I was that mom who came up at the end of the class and threw him in the water and told him he could swim.  He had a life jacket on so I knew he would be fine but I was tired of watching the teachers gently lower him into the water and not let him do anything on his own.  David only made it to the last class so I am pretty sure I humiliated him but I wanted to show Austin he could do more than they were letting him do.  Looking back I probably shouldn't have done it but he was fine and did great on his own in the water (with a life jacket).
We are going to try another swim school in town this Spring.  I know he can do it if someone pushed him a little.

He is also taking Soccer right now (indoor) and loving it.  There are only 3 boys in his class so it is a lot of high energy.  One of the boys in the class is his best bud William (he missed the day I took pictures).  They are loving it!
IMG_4814 IMG_4804 IMG_4802 IMG_4800
What am I doing while Austin plays soccer...entertaining this little guy.
IMG_4812 IMG_4811
He wants to play with his brother so badly that he runs for the soccer balls and I am constantly chasing him away from the practice.
David came to watch this soccer practice so he helped contain the littlest one.
IMG_4807 IMG_4806 My 2 guys are at a really fun age.  They are playing together and really love being together. IMG_4822 IMG_4816 IMG_4959
They make up games together, chase and wrestle each other, and every morning Austin asks if he can read to Miller in his crib. I need to get this on tape. It's precious. He only reads for about a minute and then they start to wrestle. Boys will be boys!


jennie brooks said...

Whit loves soccer- maybe they'll be on the same team one day :) We have one of those goals in the driveway and every time he scores he stretches his arms up and screams "GOAL" and does a dance I taught him- I don't think John liked that one. I wish we had soccer down here for him!

Melody said...

so precious and your post made me laugh about you being "that" mom, can't wait until you are back here to push my little Lilliana and even Hamilton by that point. I am proud of you that you didn't say anything until the end, not sure I could have done so myself :)

ashleywheatley said...

Love this ! Your hilarious girl!
Wish you could teach my boys to swim